Faculty From 1944 to 1977

Parkersburg School

(Closed at end of the 1976-77 School Year)

---------------   ---------
Mrs. Leola Bass 1-2 Int. Lucile Bosomworth 3-4 Kathleen Boswell 5-6

Lee R. Clark 5-6

Mildred L. Conrad 1-2

W. Glen Eikleberry 7-8 Dollie Gallagher 1-4 Esther O. Gerhart 1-2

Mary Jane Hanes 1-2

Louvre Hasler 3-4


Wm. T. Hatch, Jr. 7-8

Gloria Luthe Hatch 1-2

Miss Wilnie B. Heath 2-6
Myrtle M. Jenner 1-4

Vincent F. Jenner 3-4, 5-8

 Howard Kinkade 5-8

Arthur Long 5-8 James T. Lowe P, 7-8, C  
  Bertha Mason 5-8

Alwyn Moudy 5-6

E. F. Ring 7-8

Mary Doherty Roberts 1-2


Dick Steinman 5-6

Chris W. Weesner 5-8

Special Note:  Many teachers had long careers with many assignment changes, from one building to another and one grade to another.   You may see a favorite teacher with a different assignment than the one you had with him/her.  Don't assume that you are seeing an error.


1.  Information on Lucile Bosomworth who was my 3rd grade teacher at Parkersburg: Nellie Lucile Waters Bosomworth (1917-2010)