Amazing Volunteer Leaders




Amazing  Volunteer Leaders 


Below are pictured your current, 2018 volunteers for the Tiger Alumni Center (TAC) and for the Tiger Pride Alumni Association (TPAA).   I am so proud of these good people who are volunteers.  

You will notice a wide range of ages as implied by their class years.  That range is on purpose and the result of much thought and some efforts. To better represent you, we have recruited schoolmates from different 'decades' paralleling the ages of our alumni.  

The volunteers below represent the 'best-ever health' of our alumni organizations, even though our retired leaders served you well and are missed.  For more information, click here - administrators / volunteers.

The fourteen shown below represent ten who are directors of TPAA.  Our TPAA Bylaws allow up to eleven.  I hope the eleventh will be a lawyer.  Notice too that I include Garry in the list, as an honor, as he retired from TAC in December.

We could have two more administrators for TAC, one of which would be a new webmaster. 

I would love to have 'second' new volunteer as aid working with me behind the scenes producing the pages that compose our website.

For more information about this topic, click here.  


2018 TAC - TPAA

Garry Bowman,

TAC Web Master

2014 - 17 (Retired)

Class of 1964

Kellie Cook, 2018 (Returning) Director 

And TPAA Founding President, 2014-16

Class of 1964


Janet McKinney Everette,

TPAA Treasurer

Class of 1977

Founding Director

Glenda Hinkle,

TPAA Director

Class of 1982




Amanda Houching,

TPAA Director,

Class of 1997


Lisa Hough Hemrich, 

TPAA President

Class of 1990

Founding Director

Ann Weesner King

TAC "Olney Memories"

Class of 1960

(Founding TAC Director)


Nancy O'Connell

TAC Veterans Administrator

Class of 1975

Nancy Rumsey,

TPAA Director and TAC's Director of In Memories/Obits

Founding Director

Class of 1966

Amy  Cummins

Rusk, TPAA Secretary

Class of 2004


Ron Scherer,

TAC Historian

Class of 1962


Clarence "Smitty" Smith,

TPAA Director and TAC Admin

Class of 1960

Founding Director

Brenda Stallard,

TPAA Vice President  TPAA Webmaster

WRHS, Class of 1988


Richard Ray Williams,

 TPAA Founder & Director

And TAC  Owner

Class of 1960




Happy Days!