Regional Reunion - Spring


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Something never done before happened the last week-end of April, 2012.  The Tiger Alumni Center held its first REGIONAL, ALL - CLASSES REUNION.  Hosted by John Fritchey (Class of 1961) and his wife Charmaine, the two-day event was held in Spring, Texas.  Twenty-one alumni and their spouses or other guests attended.  

The Alumni came from almost as many different classes as the number of alumni attending.  They represented both the Olney Township High School and the East Richland High School and ranged over 50 years from the class of 1936 and 1940 to 1987.


Garry Bowman 1964 (with wife Jane)
John Fritchey 1961  (with wife Charmaine)
Vernon Gross 1957   
Linda Hawkins Gross    1956
Michelle Kocher Goldsmith   1987  (with husband Tom)
Bob Lemke 1960   (with wife Jenny)
Donald Scherer 1954
Tom Singley  1961   (with wife Anne)
Bitsy Walker Sinex   1964  (with husband Don)    
Ann Weesner King   1960  (with husband Richard)
Richard Ray Williams  1960   
Barbara Olson Williams 1962
Ralph Stoddard    1956
Helen  Jenner Mehmert    1940
Herma Jenner Dycus   1936
Tanya Iaun Bentsen  1966  (with husband Gary)
Doris Kay Wagner     1964
Valerie Parker Gibson  1978
Alicia Gay Goodrick   1982 
Cindy Quayle Dale   1962
Doris Kay Ellison Wagner  1964
Nancy Dycus Bowles   1967 
On Friday evening a Happy Hour and Dinner was held at Raoul's Italian Grill. Great food and ever greater conversation.

Saturday Morning, Barb and Richard Williams led a shopping tour in Old Town Spring.

The coup de grace was Saturday Afternoon.  John and Charmaine Fritchey hosted a Texas barbecue lunch and social hour(s) from noon to 5.
We want to call this event our FIRST REGIONAL all-classes reunion as we intend to sponsor more.  If you would like to host one in another region of the USA, let us know!  We have one offer pending.
Special Thanks go to John and Charmaine Fritchey who made this event possible.  
We are also thankful to Richard King who shared over one hundred of his pictures of the event with us.
Happy Days!
May 5, 2012
This video was taken during the 'Circle of Friends' storytelling time.

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