2017 Lifetime Ceremony

Fifth Annual Lifetime Achievement Ceremony, 2017


Saturday, September 30th, the Tiger Alumni Center (TAC), in its fifth annual event, celebrated the lifetime achievements of three distinguished school district employees and one alumni.  

The 2017 outstanding recipients, nominated by the TAC members, are the following:    

•             Frank Bernard Godeke (1901 - 1997) graduated from Olney Township High School around 1918 (Teacher, Olney Township High School, 1925-39 and principal and teacher, ERHS, 1951-1966);

•             Harry Hillis, Jr. (Olney Township High School, 1946), a local volunteer activist, served as local publisher and an East Richland school board member for 40 years;

•             Sam Keiffer III (ERHS Class of 1960) has been a lifetime volunteer activist whose most far reaching community achievement was the organizing of the Pueblo Sports & Soccer Association in 1979, which within 2 years had over 2500 kids playing soccer; and

•             Dr. Gerald M. Mastio (1932 - 2012) was a retired physician and surgeon at Weber Medical Clinic for over 30 years and President of the East Richland School Board for 10 years, a leader putting students first and promoting quality education as an essential part of life.


Clarence "Smitty" Smith, LTA Chair, Presided



Recipient Frank Bernard Godeke


Left, Teacher, 1928   ---   Principal, 1960

Nominated by Tom Weber (Right below)

To read Tom's nomination, click on the above image.


Pete and Tom Weber  --  Both past LTA recipients.







 Recipient Harry Hillis, Jr.

Nominated by Nancy Rumsey (Below)


To read one document nominating Mr. Hillis, click on the above image.



Son Roger Hillis Praise



Hillis Family



Note the family's reaction of joy.





Recipient Sam Keiffer III


Mary and Sam Keiffer

Wife Mary and son Robert nominated Mr. Keiffer.

Click on the above image to read their nomination letter.


The Keiffer Family

Sisters Candie Keiffer Messenger and Christine Keiffer Totten; wife Mary, Sam, and Sister Elthea Keiffer Robinson.








Recipient Dr. Gerald M. Mastio


Retired Superintendent Holt Nominated Dr. Mastio.

Click on the image above to read her nomination.


Ursula and Bernard Wuthrich Accepted Dr. Mastio's Certificate.







The reception started at 1:00.  The ceremony started at 1:20 and ended at 3:00.  We ended on time for the first time in several years.   Nancy, Smitty, and I were very pleased with our decision to limit the number of recipients this year to four. We had ample time to honor the four and to allow family members and friends to participate.  We agreed that we should limit next year's ceremony to four.  Thanks to all you helped make this event so special.




Richard's note #1:  Thank you Marilyn Holt, Mary and Robert Keiffer, Nancy Rumsey, and Tom Weber for nominating such worthly community leaders.

Richard's note #2:  My thanks to the following volunteers for again making the ATL ceremony possible:  

Both Nancy Rumsey and Smitty Smith as the formal members of the committee;  

But special thanks go out to "volunteers" Judy Fritschle (Smith), Class of 1959.   




Barbara Ann Olson (Williams)!




Richard with two special reception guests --


Herma Belle Jenner Dycus (Olney Township High School, Class of 1936) 


Helen Jenner Bauman (OTHS, Class of 1940)

These two Tiger Alumni Center (TAC) members are shinning examples of the reason I love our receptions!  I get to meet schoolmates whom I would otherwise never know!  I love these ladies!   


I first met them at our Texas TAC reunion, held in Spring, Texas, in 2012. See them above.  To visit the Texas Reunion, click on the above image.

 I also got to meet them with daughter (and niece) Nancy Dycus (Bowles), Class of 1967, on your right at the 2012 reception.



Then, I got to visit Nancy later in the evening (September 30th, 2017), at her 50th class reunion.


Thanks All!

Happy Days!