2014 Lifetime Recipients

TAC's Third Annual Reception - 2014

Second Liftetime Achievement Ceremony

Saturday 1-3, September 27th, in the Camelot Room, Olney

Saturday, September 27th, the high school alumni organizations of Tiger Pride Alumni Association (TPAA) and the Tiger Alumni Center (TAC), celebrated the lifetime achievements of seven distinguished ERHS employees and alumni in a ceremony held at the Holiday, Camelot Room, Olney, Illinois.

Friends, former students and guests greeted and congratulated this year’s recipients.  Recipients nominated and elected by TAC members were District Employees Bernard Eagleton, Gail Lathrop, Gus and Mary Sliva,  and Larry Miller and ERHS alumni Terry Bruce (Class of 1962) and Dr. Michael Murray (Class of 1955) and Dan Borah (Class of 1964).


July Hill Walker (Class of 1964), TAC administrator, Tiger Pride Alumni Association Director, and former ERHS English teacher, presided.  She was the event chair and was assisted by event committee member Clarence Smith, (Class of 1960),Tiger Pride Alumni Association Director, who helped with research as well as inscribing the certificates that were designed by Stanley Gill (Class of 1964).  Walker and Smith were assisted in the reception by the Tiger Pride Directors Kellie Cook (Class of 1964), Mary Cummings (Class of 1970), Nancy Rumsey (Class of 1966), Janet Everette (Class of 1977) and Richard Williams (Class of 1960).  The Holiday provided coffee and tea. 




Posthumous Recipients


Sister Julie Borah Bunn and brother Jim Borah accepted the award.  




Bitsy Walker Sinex (Class of 1964) and close friend of Gail’s widow Shirley Lathrop, accepted the award on behalf of his family.




Marilyn Holt, ER District Superintendent, accepted the award on behalf of the Sliva’s and the district. 


District Employees



At age 100, he amazed all with his recall of students, stories, and sharp wit.  He thanked the audience and TAC for the honor and ended by quoting some scripture that had guided him throughout his life.



Larry thanked the group for the honor and accepted the award on behalf of all teachers who serve their students in many ways every day.





Terry Bruce (Class of 1962) thanked everyone for the honor.




Dr. Murray (Class of 1955) accepted the award and thanked TAC and TPAA for the honor. 


The Lifetime Achievement Ceremony was sponsored by The Tiger Pride Alumni Association (TPAA) and the Tiger Alumni Center (TAC, website erhsalumni.net.).

Tiger Pride is an Illinois corporation, based in Olney, with the goals of serving East Richland School District employees and students and alumni.  It was established this past August 24th, 2014.  It arrives after a two-year preparation period during which Tiger Alumni Center (website erhsalumni.net) founder Richard Williams worked with ERHS attorneys Tom Weber (Class of 1964) and Frank Wagner (Class of 1965).  Assisting Mr. Williams were Mary Noerenberger Cummings (Class of 1970), Nancy Huchel Rumsey (Class of 1966) and Judy Hill Walker (Class of 1964).

The directors of TPAA are Kellie Bussard Cook, President; Lisa Hough Hemrich, Vice-President; Janet McKinney Everette, Treasurer; Mary Ann Noerenberg Cummings, Secretary, and board members Nancy Huchel Rumsey, Clarence "Smitty " Smith, Judy Hill Walker and Richard Ray Williams.