Current Totals - 2022 Drive


  2022 Drive Current Totals



Additional donations, Over $20K, will be applied

to the 2023 Drive.

(Donations are welcome year-round.)


   April 25, 2022 



Thank You, Schoolmates!




100% of your Scholarship Donations goes to Recipients


(Remainder from 2021 Scholarship Drive  --  $4,298.25)



Current Contributors!

After the following traditional TAC contributors list, slide

down to a new section created by PRIDE (TPAA): donations directly from  Facebook's "Network for Good Donations." 




 Tigers First Level:  $5  to  $99  


Marvin Doolin --  Class of 1962

Edward Runyon  --  Class of 1964

Marcella (Cummins) Zorn (Class of 1965)

Fred Moehle  --  Class of 1965

Janet (Weiler) Jones --  Class of 1970

Pat (class of '76) & Janet (McKinney) Everette  --  Class of 1977: 

 (In memory of Pat (Barnes) VanMatre (class of '56))

Janet (McKinney) Everette (Class of '77):

 (In Memory of Sheryl (Brown) Anderson '77)

Janet (McKinney) Everette (Class of '77) (TPAA Board Member):

(In Memory of Sean McKinney (Class of '80))

(Richard's Note: the three Everette listed above denote three separate donations)


 Tigers Den Level: $100  to  $299 


Allie Bobe/Bobe's Pizza:

In Memory of Patricia Barnes VanMatre (class of '56)

Frank (1954) and Patricia (Barnes) VanMatre -- Class of 1956:

(In Honor of Stephen E. Reid, MD)

Wayne Neeley  --  Class of 1960

Angela (Parson) Myers (Class of 1961)

Kathryn (Haenggi)  Robinett  --  Class of 1961

Terry (class of '62) and Charlotte (Roberts) Bruce (class of '62)

Keith Gaede  --  Class of 1963

Jan (Roberts) Burton -- Class of 1964

Beverly Jeanie (Anderson) Drake (Class of 1964)

Patricia (Squires) McNeece  --  Class of 1964

Jim Pass   --  Class of 1964

Mike Stiff  --  Class of 1964

Roderick J. Everette  --  Class of 1965:

(In memory of Margaret Everette)

Stephen Pass  --  Class of 1965

Margot Shumaker (Steinhart)  -- Class of 1965:

(In memory of  Arrah Jean Shumaker)

Gary Goranflo  --  Class of 1967

Larry Miller  --  Class of 1967

Robert (class of '68) and Carol (Ostrander) (class of '69) Pittman

Todd (Class of '87) and Julie (Houchin) Bettis (Class of '87)

William ('89) & Margo (Fehrenbacher) Alexander -- Class of 1989

Sonja (Rosborough) Music (class of '90), TPAA Director

Monical's Pizza fundraiser*


 Tigers Roar Level:  $300  to  $499 


Frank VanMatre --  Class of 1954:

In Memory of Patricia Barnes VanMatre ('56)


Frank L. Wagner -- Class of 1965

Misty (Yonaka) Melton --  Class of 1995


   Tigers Pride Level:  $500  to  $999   


Anonymous (class of '58)

Judy (Fritschle) Smith 1959 & Clarence "Smitty" Smith 1960

(Smitty volunteers on both TAC and TPAA)

Ray (1975) and Marcia (Graves) Vaughn --  Class of 1977

Maura (Kelly) Voyles  --  Class of 1978:

(In Memory of Jim Kelley, '86)


    Tigers Country Level:  $1,000 to $4,999  


Suzi Cammon  --  Class of 1964

Anonymous  --  Class of 1965


 Corporate Level:  $5,000  and  Up  


Bob Lemke, Ready Cable, Inc.  --  Class of 1960

(Mr. Lemke is TPAA's Founding Corporate Sponsor)*




Facebook: "Network for Good Donations" (NGD)

January 31:  Julie (Houchin) Bettis ('87); Krista (Gordon) Nealis ('92);  Judy (Murray) McKinney ('57), Sheryl (Brown) Anderson ('77); Mary Margaret (McKnight) Norman ('69)  -- Jan 31Total of $200.

February23:  Lezlie(O'Dell) Lambird ('89), Christy (Bishop) Nikitas ('87)  -- 

Feb 23 total of $102.

Current NGD Total:  $302




   Thank You Very Much!  



* Richard's Note (April 4, 2022):  Bob Lemke and I in a recent phone visit both wished to welcome others who would like to be a corporate sponsor.  Just let Richard know.

* Richard's note (April 4, 2022):  From time to time local businesses donate to the scholarship fund and may elect to have their business name used.  We gladly comply.  Others are welcome.



Richard's Note (Febuary 27th): I appreciate all you donors, be your gift large or small!