Noble High School - WRHS


Welcome Noble High School Alumni

(Work in Progress)


For some time now I've wanted to have something here on TAC to let WRHS alumni know that I wish them well! 

What to do?  First, Welcome to this corner of TAC!


Next, Do you know?

Do you know that my mother taught French at WRHS for a few years?

Do you know that one of the Tiger Pride Alumni Association directors is an alum of WRHS?  

Do you know that several directors (2 or 3) live in the Noble area?

Do you know that the current president of TPAA was one of the last school board members of WRHS?

Do you think you can understand that we care about all the people of Richland County?  Hope so.  It's true.



What I Can't Do - But . . . 

Because of the coding of this website, I can't host profiles for more than one high school.  That means I can't welcome Noble alumni as TAC members  -- But, that said, what I can do (other than having some pages of contributions like images and memories) is offer to help any who read this and want to start an alumni website for WRHS.  That's it.  I will help you. 

And I already have talked to the Class-creator staff and, thus, know they will let you have a starter program for free.  Interested?  Contact me using TAC's "Contact Us."


Click here or on the image below to visit

our first Noble contributions page. 



To Be Continued  --  This is just a Start.