Scholarships 2016


      TAC – PRIDE COMBINED 2016 DRIVE     

The Tiger Pride Alumni Association - TAC 2016 Scholarship Drive

Mid-December to March 14th

Drive Over  --  Over the Top!


(All future donations will be used for the RCHS 2017 Scholarships)

March 25th, 2016 
2015-16 Total:


Thank You Schoolmates!




Our 2016 Goal! --   $1,000 for 10 or 11 or . . .

The TPAA directors voted December 5th: With its annual scholarship drive, TPAA, with support and cooperation of TAC members, strives to raise money to award at least $1000 to as many graduating seniors as possible.    

As many of you know, for the last two years TAC donors raised $10,000, and each year we awarded 10 scholarships of $1,000.  Maybe we can award 11 this year!  Maybe more?

You can help make it happen!

Click to see my note on this drive: One Big Change.

For information about TPAA's purpose and Funding:  Information about TPAA


Note: Tiger Pride Alumni Association, Ltd. is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization.


Current Contributors! 


      Tigers First Level: $5 to  $99     

Helen Smith  -- Class of 1949

(In Memory of Barb Chaplin)

Member --  Class of 1951

Ted Ratcliffe -- Class of 1956

Gift from the class -- Class of 1957

Jerry Quick  --  Class of 1959

Class Reunion Donation  --  Class of 1960

Judy K. L Michels Lawrence -- Class of 1960

Ann Weesner (King)  --  Class of 1960

Marvin Doolin  --  Class of 1962

Nancy Kowa (Boccuzzi)  --  Class of 1963

Beverly Anderson (Drake) -- Class of 1964

John and Patricia (Sager) Anderson -- Class of 1964

Edward Eugene Runyon  -- Class of 1964

Janet and Larry Shipman  --  Class of 1964

Roderick Everette -- Class of 1965

Thomas T. Everette  --  Class of 1965

Margot Shumaker (Steinhart)  -- Class of 1965

(In memory of  Arrah Jean Shumaker)

Marcella Cummins (Zorn) -- Class of 1965

Fred Moehle  -- Class of 1965

Gary (Rex) Goranflo  --  Class of 1967

Janet Weiler Jones  --  Class of 1970

Jean Wimer (Dickerson) (1974) & Jeff Dickerson (Class of 1973)

Class Gift -- Class of 1977

(In memory of Thea Ginder) 

Mike Lambird  -- Class of 1989 (?)

Krista L. Gorden (Nealis)  --  Class of 1992


             Tigers Den Level: $100 to $299         


Myrna King (Stine)  --  Class of 1954

Theodore Crackel  --  Class of 1956

Linda Gross (Hawkins) (1957) & Vernon Hawkins (1956) 

Anonymous -- Class of 1958

Phyllis Hahn (Rusk)   -- Class of 1958

Carl (and Regina) Kocher -- Class of 1959

Wayne Neeley  --  Class of 1960

Kathryn Haenggi (Robinett)  --  Class of 1961

Everett Schwartz  --  Class of 1962

(Everett donates monthly)

Garry Bowman (with wife Janet) -- Class of 1964

Kellie (Bussard) Cook  --  Class of 1964

(In honor of her sons John & Britt Fulk)

Dee Witsman (Carlton) -- Class of 1964

Jan Roberts (Burton) --  Class of 1964

Judy (Hill) Walker  --  Class of 1964

(In Memory of Roy & Mildred Hough)

Tom Loftin Weber  --  Class of 1964

Steve Pass – Class of 1965

Frank Wagner -- Class of 1965

Barbara Hinkle (Honor of Gaclen Hinkle)

Glenda (Dunkin) Hagen (1966) and Allen Hagen  --  Class of 1965

Jim McIntyre  --  Class of 1966

Janet (McKinney) & Pat Everette  --  Classes of  1977 & 1976

Sherri Snider --  Class of 1977

Lisa (Hough) Hemrich  --  Class of 1990

(In Memory of Roy & Mildred Hough)


        Tigers Roar Level:  $300 to $499       


Raj Natarajan  --  Class of 1991 


               Tigers Pride Level:  $500 to $999            


Carey L. Westall -- Class of 1952

Rebecca Nightingale Roth -- Class of 1959

Judy (Fritschle) Smith 1959 & Clarence "Smitty" Smith 1960

Member -- Class of 1961

Member  --  Class of 1962

Sue Borah (Burke) -- Class of 1977

Maura Kelley (Voyles)  --  Class of 1978

(In Memory of Jim Kelley Class of 1986)


                 Tigers Country Level:  $1,000 and Up             


Sherrill Beehn (Simms)  --  Class of 1958

Bob Lemke, Ready Cable, Inc.  --  Class of 1960

(Mr. Lemke is TPAA's Founding Corporate Sponsor)

Anonymous -- Class of 1961

In Memory of Anne Kribbs Meyer

 Class Reunion Donation  --  Class of 1965

Anonymous --  Member, Class of 1965

Anonymous  --  Class of 1965

(In honor of Richard Williams, founder of TAC & TPAA)

Anonymous  --  Class of 1977

(Above donor added $500 on 03-14-2016 to her/his first $1K)


          Thank You Very Much!         




The Tiger Pride Alumni Association - TAC Scholarship recipients are selected by the Richland County High School Senior Awards Committee.  Scholarships are awarded to deserving graduating seniors at Richland County High School based on the following criteria.

1) Students in good academic standing and at least a 'B' average.

2) Students that have demonstrated the Core Expectations of RCHS Students of Respect, Responsibility and Work Ethic.

3) Financial need of the student is considered in the selection, but it is not the sole criterion.



Please Mail Checks to

Janet Everette, Treasurer, TPAA

906 East Cherry Street

Olney, IL. 62450

Please make your check out to Tiger Pride Alumni Association


Remember: the Tiger Pride Alumni Association, Ltd., is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization.




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Dear TAC Members,

For whatever you do to help make the Tiger Alumni Center a home for alumni and school employees,


For your gifts of time, talent and treasure and for never doubting the power of education,

Thank You for all you do to help us here at TAC to help the students of Richland County school district.


You Are Making a Difference!