Challenges - TAC

Work in Progress

Challenge One: Volunteers. 

Both Pride (The Tiger Pride Alumni Association) and TAC have great volunteers!  The challenge is to recruit volunteers for key functions that are dearly needed and without whom/which we’re edging against our limitations. 

TAC Need: A TAC Webmaster.  I need a webmaster to attend to the weekly membership needs and to work behind the scenes.  Like something of a carpenter, he/she builds the pages that the members see.   Sounds hard, but it isn't!  I can train you in a few hours weekly.

Need two: Recruiting Administrator.  I would love to have a volunteer whose main function is that of recruiting more TAC members.  We know that a direct relationship exists between the number of active members and the level of funding:  more members, more funding.   I would want to train the volunteer to be able over time to assist me (and our future webmaster) in building TAC pages like, for example, the Lifetime Achievement Award pages.  December 27th, 2018