Susan Lynn Bishop - 2018 LTA


     Susan Lynn Bishop


I./II.   Name/Key Achievements

          Susan Lynn Bishop known as Susie Bishop came to Olney in 1976 and immediately started sharing hugs and sunshine with students, staff and the community.   She has worked in education in Illinois for over thirty-five years and continues to work with students and school districts.   She has been a teacher from kindergarten students to Masters’ Degree students, a child advocate, a family conference facilitator, a grief counselor, a recipient of state, regional, and local awards, and a trainer for professional development.     She is truly beloved as a teacher and person!  

       Susie graduated from Ridgeway High School in 1967 and Southern Illinois University in 1971 with a Bachelors’ Degree in Education.   She taught for four years at Carmi High School and a year at Edwards County School District before coming to East Richland Middle School when it opened in 1976.   She taught for the East Richland School District for 27 years and since her retirement has worked in the school district providing professional development to teachers and services to students.  

    Susie Bishop was a leader in the East Richland District.   Her leadership led to the adoption and implementation of the middle school concept at the Middle School.   She was a district and regional trainer in the Regular Education Initiative.   Susie led the district and involved the community in initiating the Medieval Fair that included all seventh-grade students in an amazing performance!  

    Susie Bishop was and is a super teacher and an extraordinary ambassador for education.   Her positive attitude and her willingness to take a chance by welcoming change with open arms is one of her greatest assets.   Susie works magic in the classroom making use of every second and engaging every student.    Susie knows, encourage, leads, loves, respects, laughs, listens, lifts others and learns whatever it takes to make a difference in the life of a child.   Using tremendous enthusiasm, she touches all kids in a way that ensures all achieve success.   

    Quality schools want a program that includes a Rigorous curriculum that is Relevant and a staff that develops positive Relationships with students.   Susie is outstanding in all three areas!   Her special education as well as her regular education certification and training served her well as she provided that rigorous curriculum that was relevant.    That meant all students were involved and engaged.   It was and is though her gift of Relationships that made the difference for her extraordinary leadership and impact on students, families, and the community.   Susie greeted every student every day with a smile, a pleasant word of encouragement and often a hug!    Her students felt accepted and valued.   She is the teacher who makes the home visit, who delivers the bicycles/food/or clothing to the students at Christmas, makes certain the child has what they need in the classroom or life, and goes above and beyond to let each child know that she loves them, and they are important to her.  

Susie has been recognized by the East Richland Foundation for Academic Success as “Teacher of the Year”.    She was recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education as a winner of a “Those who Excel” Award.    Nationally she received the honor of being inducted as one of the National Honor Roll’s Outstanding American Teachers. 

Since her retirement Susie has worked as an educational consultant, developed a bully program, is recognized as a bully prevention specialist, and developed and trained teachers on effective communication skills in the classroom through her program entitled CHAT!    Susie has presented workshops throughout the state of Illlinois.   She is a writer of children’s books and uses puppets and storytelling with her “Eenie” series to make it all come alive for children!  

Susie married her childhood sweetheart Paul Bishop better known as Skip.   She cared for him when he was diagnosed with cancer and misses him every day.   She is proud of her three children and eight grandchildren.   She is their Nonnie and loved dearly!    They are all so proud of their mother and grandmother.   It is impressive how they have so graciously shared her with all of the community! 

Susie Bishop was and is a gifted educator who gave and continues to give her heart and soul to Richland County students and their families.   She is in retirement sharing her expertise and talents with teachers and students.   It is her passion for learning and the unbridled love of children that make Susie Bishop unique in her educational career and as a person!   She makes those around her shine with her excitement and compassion for teaching and kids!  

I strongly encourage you to give every consideration to the nomination of Mrs. Susie Bishop as a recipient of a Tiger Award!


III./IV.   Persons willing to attend/Additional Support

If Susie Bishop knows she is receiving an award – she will be there!   Her family will be there!   Her students and the community will want to be there to pay tribute to this lady who they all love.


Additional Support is probably best described by an incident that happened this past year.   Mrs. Bishop was driving her car on East street in Olney close to the High School.   A car came from a side street and hit her car.   Susie was taken to the hospital and luckily recovered quickly.    I was in Mt. Vernon that day at Mt. Vernon Township High School and my phone lit up with kids and community members telling the story.   They were scared, worried, crying, and felt helpless in how they could respond and help her.   As one high school student said, we can’t lose Susie Bishop!   She is our rock and supporter!   That is Susie Bishop and that is the love this community has for her!


Respectfully submitted on July 31, 2018

Marilyn Holt