Cherry Street - 1940s Onward

(See the photo below.)

Cherry Street School - 1940s Onward

Mrs Anderson - 6    
  Mrs. Leola Bass - 1  
Mrs Erlene Beabout - 1    
  Mrs. Boatman - 3 Mrs Boley - 4,6
 Otis Cecil - Custodian Mabel Yelch Craig -  5,6  
Miss Lottie Delzell - 1-3    Lyzette Eswein, Nurse
  Mrs Sara Forsyth - 1  
  Mr Leo Galbreath - P  1940  
Mr William Hatch, Sr.- P Mrs. Mildred Hatch - 1 * Earl Holtz - 5,6, P
 Mary Ellen Holmes  

Miss Violet Jenner - 4 


Lola Jacques

Viola Kowa   Mr Kowalis - 5
  Mr Noerenberg - B  
  Mrs Peak - 4  
Mrs Georgia Petty - 4    
  Richard Provines -  6 P  
Mrs Rohr - 2    
Raymond Shann - 4 Mrs Shaw - K * Mr Shannon - 4 
  Mrs Travous - 3  
  Miss Inis Uhl - 5  
  Mary Salisbury -1  
Mrs Snively - 5    Eileen Kermicle Stiff - 1,2
  Miss Ochs Volk - 6  
Mrs Washburn - 6 Mrs. Venus  Weesner - 4 Mrs. Weygant - 6
  Mrs. Williamson - 3  

Special Note:  Many teachers had long careers with many assignment changes, from one building to another and one grade to another.   You may see a favorite teacher with a different assignment than the one you had with him/her.  Don't assume that you are seeing an error.


1.  Mildred Hatch 1st and  Naomi Shaw K the above teachers were at Central until moved to Cherry Grade School when the new addition was finished.

2.  Richard,  Thanks for adding the Cherry staff.  Eileen Kermicle Stiff  was a 1935 OTHS grad and taught 1st and 2nd grade during the WWII years.  I forgot to include that on the initial email.   She was always proud of Dick Fessel and Jim Turpin as students.  There were a couple of names she was not so proud of.  Mike Stiff

3. I had Ms. Boatman as my first grade teacher at Cherry Street School in 1940. I recall I had a crush on her thinking she was the most outstanding good looking teacher. I didn't realize at that time Leo Galbrath was the school principle. A few years letter he became my 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teacher in the Dundas School. Doing the summers he often drove a truck for Prairie Farms over to St Louis. I look forward to him picking me up and taking me with him. He was a very good man.  Joseph Marlowe


1958 Faculty - Cherry Street School


Note 1: The lady in white in the center of that photo is my mother, Virginia Kesler. She ran the kitchen at Cherry from 1954-1962. She died in 1962 at age 42. Very sad for me, sister Wanda Lee (class of 59) and Sam Kesler (class of 64).  Thanks to Richard Kesler (class of 58) for this note.