Naomi Gaede - LTA 2018


 Naomi Gaede Recommended by Keith A. Gaede - 2018

(Work in Progress)


I would like to recommend Naomi Gaede for the Lifetime Achievement Award. She began her teaching career in 1934 in several of the schools described in Ron Scherer’s book including McCauley, Brushville and Gumble schools. She then went on to teach in the Noble, Claremont, Dundas (where she also served as principal) and later at the Olney Jr. High School.

She also served as Assistant County Superintendent of Richland County Schools for 8 years under Gerald Benson and for 4 years under Bernard Eagleton before retiring in 1975.

As you can see, she pretty well covered Richland County, teaching several generations of elementary students. In addition, while Assistant Superintendent, she assisted new teachers in getting certification and personally tutoring former students in acquiring their GED. Suggested by Keith Gaede, Class of 1963.