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Passing into History

As those of you who enjoy my messages can recall, I often refer to our past schoolmates who are no longer with us as "passed into history" -- still with us in spirit, but having “joined the historic alumni." 

Many of those historic members enjoyed being “Olneans,” “Olney Tigers,“ or “Richland / ERHS Tigers.”  If you check TAC pages, you’ll see we’ve got past members going back to 1904.  Those before us, passed on to us the local "Tiger" culture, which most of us enjoyed for 12 years:  we grew up knowing each other.   Also, when we reached high school, we became friends and schoolmates to those from St. Joe and those (mostly farm kids) whose homes were in Calhoun, Claremont, Dundas, Parkersburg, or Stringtown. 


Bob Lemke

Bob Lemke, Class of 1960,

September 21, 1942 – June 11, 2022

Friend to TAC and TPAA


One of those farm kids was Bob Lemke.  Bob died last Saturday (June 11th).  My being too shy as a kid, I didn’t get to know Bob really well until we were out of high school, adults.  Our friendship began, and continued, during class reunions.  I still remember the key event that Bob shared with me during the first reunion: carpooling together to classes at Vincennes University.   



Then, in 2012, we had a good visit at the Tiger Alumni Center’s regional, all-classes Texas reunion.   Click on the picture below to read about that event.


Bob and Barbara, 2012, Texas Reunion


As a result of our talks,  Bob immediately joined our charity work, for TAC and, a few years later, the Tiger Pride Alumni Association (TPAA).  I ‘pitched’ the idea of having annual scholarship drives to him -- and he joined me enthusiastically.  He donated every year sending in his check toward the end of each drive, making sure that his check resulted in our reaching our goal!   Bob valued our youth!

I remember when then-principal Chris Simpson phoned me during an early drive (either 2012 or 2013), asking me “Who is this Texan donating all this money?”


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"Pride Cares" Program

As I said, Bob never missed a scholarship drive.  But he did more than write checks!  He'd call me, or me him, often during the year. One summer Bob asked me how we were helping all the kids, especially the poor ones, not just the ones graduating.  It was his idea to create what President Lisa Hemrich (TPAA) organized into the “Pride Cares” program that teachers use to aid needy students.  Bob ‘pitched’ the program idea to me – and then donated thousands.


Bob and Ann, 2012, Texas Reunion


Needless to say, Bob Lemke was a great friend to the Tiger Alumni Center and the Tiger Pride Alumni Association.  He truly cared about the youth of his home land.  He certainly will be missed.  To read his obituary that Nancy Rumsey has posted, click on Bob's picture.  



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