2022 Drive Messages



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Hello TAC members! We're trying something new here. I know you are used to seeing messages from Richard in this space, but he has asked the Tiger Pride Alumni Association Directors to assist in this endeavor, so I'm stepping in this time. 

First, although THANK YOU is not enough, I want to extend my thanks (and I'm sure I speak for all of us) to Richard Williams for developing and maintaining this site, and for running with the idea of providing scholarships to Richland County graduates. His vision and dream has led to an ongoing scholarship program, an assistance program for Richland County students, and a great website for all of us to enjoy.

That being said, it's time to ask for your generous donations again. Over the years, you've seen messages from TAC and TPAA directors touting the value of scholarships in the educational endeavors of our graduates. I think the best proof of this comes from the recipients themselves. 

In a survey sent out last year, we asked graduates how our scholarships impacted them. Some of their responses are below. I hope their words will inspire you to give what you can to the 2022 Scholarship Drive. 


My scholarship that I received from the TAC/TPAA allowed me the opportunity to purchase a new laptop to use in my college endeavors. That laptop has lasted almost four years and is still going!                                       


This award has helped me by taking a portion of my stress off of me that is finances. I am able to go to school and focus mainly on school without having to worry about how to pay for it.


The TAC/TPAA is a great scholarship and such an honor to receive. This scholarship helped me pay for my books and is still helping me get through my first year of college.

Tiger Alumni Center members, with the help of fundraising endeavors by TPAA, have awarded $1000 scholarships to 151 graduating seniors in the last 11 years. Your donations make a difference. Thank you all for your continued support!

Lisa Hemrich

President, Tiger Pride Alumni Association Board of Directors


Send donations to:


c/o Janet Everette

906 E. Cherry St.

Olney, IL 62450