Multiple-Year Donation

Below is a model of a form letter that can be used by any donor who wishes to donate in the current year sums to be released to TAC-TPAA's scholarhship program.  Please consult with a Treasurer Everette before mailing the check.



Janet Everette, Treasurer, TPAA

906 East Cherry Street

Olney, IL. 62450

Dear Janet:

Enclosed is my donation to Tiger Pride in the amount of $SS,000.00. This donation is to be used solely for the purpose of funding scholarships. Only and exactly $S,000.00 of these funds shall be used for scholarships for the year 20__ and a like amount for each subsequent year for __ years. Any sums earned from this gift shall be applied toward scholarships in the last year. No funds are to be used for any purpose other than funding scholarships.

By negotiating this donation you agree to these terms. If you do not agree, immediately return the funds to me. If during the __ years you are unable for any reason to fulfill these requirements, you agree to return to me all funds not previously awarded as scholarships.

Very truly yours,