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11/10/15 05:02 PM #22    


Rebecca Lawley (Swisher) (1967)

I would like to thank all the ERHS grads that have served our great land THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! I know there are a few like my husband the class of 65 that are not marked as Vets but look at our Veterans Wall and say thank you on this Veterans Day Tomorrow.

11/11/15 11:58 AM #23    


Ileen Rice (1980)

I am sitting here at work remembering the days when I was in the United States Air Force at Nellis AFB.  I used hear so many planes soaring over the hospital, they broke sound barrier and windows too.  My parents met in the Army and my ex husband retired from the Air Force.  We are a family of veterans.  I do wish all of the other veterans a very happy and relaxing Veterans Day.  Ileen

11/11/15 02:03 PM #24    

Carl Kocher (1959)

To all veterans, may the world be better some day.

Carl E Kocher

US Air Force 1960 to 1964

11/11/15 02:58 PM #25    


Richard Ray Williams (1960)

Thanks All, for your messages of warmth and appreciations for all those who are serving and who have done so!   Richard



11/12/15 02:54 PM #26    


William Paul Abegglen (1964)

I recently came across my brother Tom's class picture of his kindergarten year with Miss Fletcher.  I counted fifty-two students in his class!!  Can any teacher in today's classrooms match that?  And that was without a teacher's aide of any sort. 

11/13/15 07:46 AM #27    


Pete Hayes (1973)

I think that was the morning and afternoon kindergarten classes together for one photo. But Miss Fletcher was a wonderful teacher, no matter how many were in her classes! 

11/13/15 09:03 AM #28    

Tom Diver (1965)

No, that would have been just one class. After afternoon kindergarten she went to work at the public library. 

11/14/15 07:15 AM #29    


Pete Hayes (1973)

Wow. That's a huge class. I figured she went to work at the library after school. 

11/14/15 12:57 PM #30    

Edward Iaun (Iaun) (1951)

ON MISS Flecther she lived across the street from my Grandparents and 3 doors from us Mother worked for her  at the Library at night She was a FULL time TEACHER even in the Summer she tutiored students fromother grades mostly from Central cause my Cousin was one of them no charge Her Mother helped Doctors deliver babies at Homes on Butler ST and close my Brother and myself included You could never put anything over on her God know we tried  and she never treated any student different than another So it wasnt the size of her Classes that made her a great Teacher  and person her and her Mother lived it every day

11/14/15 03:54 PM #31    


Ann Weesner (King) (1960)

Thank you for writing about Miss Fletcher and her mother.  This was all new to me what you wrote and very interesting.  She and her mother were very good ladies and sure did good for the community for for the children of the area.  So good to hear these things.  Thank you for posting Ed. 


Ann Weesner King 

11/15/15 09:44 AM #32    


Sharon Street (Burt) (1960)

I was so fortunate to be neighbors with Miss Fletcher in my "growing-up" years.  She and her mother baked the best cookies.  Mother Fletcher was up in years at that time.  Us kids would come to the back door quite often and knock knowing that mother Fletcher would bring out the Gingerbread cookies.  They were always complete with the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.  Certainly a cherished memory that comes back to me today.

11/15/15 12:12 PM #33    

Micki Hughes (1960)

Besides having Miss Fletcher as our teacher, one of the benefits of being in her kindergarten class was her mother's cookies. I've always remembered those cookies.

Miss Fletcher is among my fondest Olney memories.

11/16/15 02:13 PM #34    


Ann Weesner (King) (1960)

Sharon, I think I missed out by not living on your street when I was a kid.  I think you had too much fun going to Miss Fletcher's house and visiting her mother and eating her cookies! :)

11/17/15 12:15 PM #35    

Edward Iaun (Iaun) (1951)

ON living on Butler ST  we got cookies from Miss Flechers Mom  bu I dont want you to think that they treated us any different than any kids in town Sally Dale and I ask her for a ride to school in the snow and she said all the other kids walk and you can do it too She showed no favorits no matter how good of friends of the family we were ., but if you needed help with something they were the first people to offer I had forgot about the cookies we had alot of kids on West Butler Ludlow was the cut off for going to Central so about half of us went to Silver and half to Central which was alot closer and kids you payed with every day went to different but it they had reading problems Amy helped both sided of the street and they got cookies also Ha

12/12/16 02:54 AM #36    


Sandra Richardson (1970)

The clouds parted and the moon golden on black

with an aura haze surrounded in prisms like a rainbow.

Venus no longer hanging from the moon

planet star is more distant this day of the month.

The clouds close in and cover the moon.

The rain comes.

Sandra Jo Richardson

12/14/16 06:30 PM #37    


Sandra Richardson (1970)

I believe Bradley Richardson still co-holds the high jump record in Illinois. He broke every basketball record at East Richland High School. He was inducted into the Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame and in high school was an honor student and made "A"s all his life. I want to nominate him for Lifetime Achievment Award.

12/15/16 08:53 AM #38    


Sandra Richardson (1970)

Brad Richardson was also freshman class president.

12/21/16 10:19 AM #39    


Sandra Richardson (1970)

Today is the first day of winter!

09/06/17 04:12 PM #40    

Paul Berger (Na) (1950)

Has Dorothy Provines passed?  She was my typing teacher @ Noble High in the 50's! I would appreciate a response @

09/07/17 11:29 AM #41    

Thomas C. Zuber (1963)

Her Obit was in yesterday's (Wed)Olney Daily Mail !

09/07/17 12:09 PM #42    

Nancy McCall (O'Connell) (1975)

Here's the link to Dorothy Provines' obituary:

And here's the text from it:

Obituary for Dorothy Fern Provines

Dorothy Fern Provines, 97, of Olney, passed away on Sunday, September 3, 2017, at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital in Olney.  Dorothy was born on March 17, 1920 in Richland Co., IL, the daughter of Forrest Maywood and Blanche Alice (Berry) Provines.   

Dorothy earned her bachelor and master’s degrees from Eastern Illinois University.  She began her career at Calhoun High School where she was teacher, principal, and boys basketball coach.  She also taught at Noble High School, Casey High School, and finally Lawrenceville High School where she taught Business Education for 22 years.  For three years of her career, she also served as the Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Richland County.  She was a member of Illinois Education, East Lawrence Education Association, Eastern Illinois Business Education Association, and the Delta Pi Epsilon – Beta Psi Chapter out of Eastern Illinois University. 

Dorothy’s hobbies consisted of working with flowers, playing piano, collecting recipes, shopping, being a basketball enthusiast and “just going places”.  She was a close friend of Walt Elmore and she was a faithful member of Eureka Church of Christ. 

Dorothy is survived by several cousins. 

She was preceded in death by her parents, and brother, Marshall Provines. 

Memorials can be made to  Eureka Church of Christ.

05/17/18 12:19 PM #43    

Nancy McCall (O'Connell) (1975)

IF there are any issues with a Veteran's profile please contact me directly!

Thank you!!  

God Bless!

08/02/18 10:46 AM #44    

(Will) David Mitchell (1958)

Dear friends,

We solved a little mystery.  An esteemed (non-Tiger) colleague from another city used my login to nominate me for the 2018 lifetime achievement award.  The other nominee is far more qualified,  I don't seek respect nor honor and I am unavailable the last of September, so I hope everyone can kindly remove my name from consideration.  No disrespect for the award is ever intended.  Living is its own reward.

Go Tigers!


09/30/21 10:00 PM #45    


Donna Pool (Brinkley) (1965)

Tom Everette's wife, Margaret, passed away on Wednesday, September 29. Margaret had just attended our class of 65 reunion with Tom this past weekend in Olney. She had ongoing heart issues. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tom and family. Funeral arrangements are pending at Sunset Funeral Home in Champaign.

10/01/21 06:32 AM #46    

Norman D. Axelson (1965)

Please Pray for my Brother To set James Axelson. He will be having a Pacemaker in at noon today. Thank You God Bless You

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