2020 Scholarship Recipients List


2020 Scholarship Recipients

 Because the virus caused the closing of classes on the school campus this past semester, the bio/fact sheet shared over the past years here at TAC may be slow to obtain, if at all.  Thanks to Amy Rusk, RCHS English teacher / Yearbook Director and Tiger Pride Alumni Association, Secretary, for sharing the 2020 senior pictures with me.





Cadin Ackman



Jack Bettis



Maddison Blackford



Taylor Ferguson



Kaleb Foster



Paige Hendrickson



Tara Hughes



Seth Ingram



Braeden Jackson



Madeline McKinney



Jaedyn Moyes



Carolyn Powell



Langston Richardson



Emilia Rose



Bayne Roy



Gage Stevens



Skyler Sutton



Ryan Toliver



Paige Troyer



Emma Weidner



Richard's note:  Aren't these wonderful looking youth!  I am so pleased to have served again, this ninth year of scholarships, to help make the funds available to these 2020 graduates.

The students above are just as happy to be awarded your TAC-TPAA scholarship funds as any recipient of the past years, if not more so.   Thanks to all you who donated and others who wish they could.