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Lifetime Achievement Honorees -- Hall of Honor



•             Frank Bernard Godeke (1901 - 1997) graduated from Olney Township High School around 1918 (Teacher, Olney Township High School, 1925-39 and principal and teacher, ERHS, 1951-1966);

•             Harry Hillis, Jr. (Olney Township High School, 1946), a local volunteer activist, served as local publisher and an East Richland school board member for 40 years;

•             Sam Keiffer III (ERHS Class of 1960) has been a lifetime volunteer activist whose most far reaching community achievement was the organizing of the Pueblo Sports & Soccer Association in 1979, which within 2 years had over 2500 kids playing soccer; and

•             Dr. Gerald M. Mastio (1932 - 2012) was a retired physician and surgeon at Weber Medical Clinic for over 30 years and President of the East Richland School Board for 10 years, a leader putting students first and promoting quality education as an essential part of life.


2016:Janet Everette (Class of 1977), Leslie Purdy, Arrah Jean Shumaker, Edmund Snively (Class of 1924), Dr. Peter Weber (Class of 1963), and Ann Weesner King (Class of 1960)




Claribel Benson, Bernie Edwards, Amy Fletcher, Margaret Griffin, Lee Grubb, Fred Noerenberg and Marshall Provines: Frank Wagner (Class of 1965) and Tom Weber (Class of 1964)




Bernard Eagleton, Gail Lathrop, Gus and Mary Sliva, and Larry Miller; and Terry Bruce (Class of 1962), Dr. Michael Murray (Class of 1955) and Dan Borah (Class of 1964).




Ted Beagle, Mary Lou Marsh Brown, and George Rumsey