2019 Ceremony

Seventh Annual Lifetime Achievement Ceremony, 2019

(Work in progress)

Whom will we honor this year?   Any suggestions?

The following is a copy of an email sent to the TAC members June 19th.



Greeting TAC'ers!


Starting the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Program!


Hello, today the Lifetime Achievement (LTA) Committee begins this year's 2019 Lifetime Achievement Program (to be held Saturday afternoon, September 28th at the Olney Holiday) by inviting your recommendations of candidates.   

I'll just share a few details here and then refer you to the 2019 LTA page on Tiger Action Center (TAC). 


Suggestions, Not nominations - now to July 20th.


 This year we are continuing last year's attempt to make offering suggestions easy  -- even easier this year.  All we really need 'upfront' is the name, identification of the person you are suggesting, and your feelings / experinces supporting your 'candidate.'


1.  Submit your suggestions, by July 20, by going to TAC's "Contact Us" located on the top-left of each page and send your information to us from there.  Using TAC's "Contact Us" means that all Lifetime Achievement (LTA) committee members will get a copy of your suggestion (or suggestions if several) at the same time.

2.  Wait to read our message emails.  During this invitational period, the LTA committee will be privately sharing our judgment with each other.  Yes, we already received one and will received others.

3.  On TAC, the 2019 LTA page, follow our research progress.  



Research - Research - Research!


When done, we will have details that will bring the honored recipient alive for those attending our 2019 LTA celebration.  We hope those of you who recommend candidates will help us with the research. 

But if not, we have very gifted researchers 'on staff.'  Look at some of the information offered in the links below, some submitted by TAC members - who may have been a student or a family member - and others written by we 'staff' members.

Please also tell us who can attend our celebration.  We love it when classmates, family members, and past students when join us.


To get an idea of the nature and extent of the information required in our research, click on the following links:

For Dr. Gerald M. Mastio    For Samuel J. Keiffer III

For  Namomi Gaede      For Earl Holtz


Again, click here, to see a list of those already honored.


Notes, Hopefully Helpful!


1.  Please check to see if the individual is already in our Hall of Fame."  If so, think of someone else.

2.  Our plan, like last year's, is to select four recipients.  But, if you look at LTA 2018, you will see that we selected five.  Why? For us to achieve an unanimous judgment, our practice over the years.  

3.  Like last year, we plan to limit the number of posthumous recipients to one.  Well, last year we got two that were so impressive we upped the number to two.  (For the posthumous we need to know who will receive the certificate for the honored.)

4.  Offered individuals but not selected?  It happens.  So try again.  Offer the person again.  Please click here, to see a list of those already honored.

5.  Remember we are all volunteers conducting this program.  We drop our regular lives to pick up where we left off.  


Happy Days!