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Kellie Cook, TPAA Founding President


Tiger Pride Alumni Association, Ltd. (TPAA), a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization, is dedicated to assisting the school of Richland County Community Unit District No. 1, Counties of Richland and Wayne, or its successor: by supporting the educational endeavors of all employees, active or retired; by assisting the current student base (all ages) with appropriate grants; and by granting scholarships for its graduating seniors. We rely on the generous support of our Alumni and volunteer efforts of our Board of Directors.


 TPAA Policy for Funds

The Tiger Pride Alumni Association (TPAA), is a charity organization, and is dedicated to the service of its school district.   Directors will act to meet current plans and those for the future, will establish categories of fund-raising and will seek volunteer participation and donations as necessary.  This policy is created as a general guideline and is not all inclusive.  It may be cancelled/amended by the required number of affirmative votes of members of the TPAA Board of Directors.


With those guidelines in mind, the following funding groups are outlined:

General Operations Fund. 

As determined by Board of Directors, establish and maintain a fund to meet the expenses of the current year.

Funds raised through fundraising activities (other than the annual scholarship drive) shall be used to meet annual expenses, fund future projects, scholarships,  etc.


Scholarship Fund.


As determined by the Board of Directors, establish  a scholarship fund to meet annual scholarship awards.   The number and amount could vary from year to year.

One hundred percent of funds raised directly related to the scholarship drive shall be used to fund scholarship awards.

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