Feb 1 - Start 8th Year Drive




Hello 1,977 TAC Tigers!


Happy Days to you all this eighth year of our scholarship program!  Once again, for the third year, our goal is twenty scholarships  -- or $20,000!  And we've got a great start: $3,437 has already been donated for this 2019 drive!  We just need $16,562!


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As many of you know, the Tiger Alumni Center members have been very generous every year of the past six years -- raising a total of $91,000 for 91 scholarships!  In your last three years, you donated $20,000 for twenty scholarships and for each of the two years before those three, you TAC donors raised $10,000!  Mr. Simpson, principal at the time, got us started in 2012.  That year and the next, we raised enough to award four (2012) and seven (2013) scholarships.


That's 91 youths! 

Ninty-one scholarships means 91 kids!  You can go back to the Scholarship pages here at TAC and see their faces.  I do that.  Do you?  I hear that some have, looking at the graduating picture of a nephew, or cousin, or sister, son, or daughter.  As I say I do that, and it warms my heart.

Some thoughts of the 91.

Our Tiger Pride Alumni Association Treasurer, Janet Everette (ERHS, Class of 1977), has reached out to past recipients and heard back from a few.  Below are their comments.

Hannah Thomas (Class of 2014): Hello! The TAC scholarship, along with other scholarships, helped me to receive my first two years of college completely free. I received a bachelors degree in biological sciences and intend to apply to law school this spring. The TAC scholarship was a great help and I'm very appreciative for it.

Reiley Michels (Ferrell-Stout): (Class of 2014) currently an RN at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital said that the TAC scholarship helped pay for part of nursing school and the necessary textbooks.

Madison Weems (Class of 2014): Because I took dual credit courses in high school, I was able to get my Associates degree from OCC in only one year. With the help of the TAC scholarship, I was able to complete my entire Associates degree by paying nothing out of pocket! This allowed me and my family to spend more towards furthering my education. I graduated from ERHS in 2014, OCC in 2015, and graduated from Eastern IL University in 2017 with my Bachelor' in Psychology, and then graduated from EIU with my Master's in Family and Consumer Sciences. I have recently moved to St. Louis and am currently working full time at Maryville University in the Student Services department. I plan to stay working in the higher education field.

MaKenzie Sechrest (Class of 2013): Because I graduated in the top 20% of my high school class, I was eligible to have my tuition waivwd at OCC. Therefore, I put my TAC scholarship money into savings which helped when I received my bachelor's degree at SIUE in 3 years by taking summer classes. Summer classes aren't covered and can't by paid on a payment plan, so I used my scholarship funds to cover the cost of those summer classes. I am currently emplyed as an Inpatient Discharge Planner at Blessing Hospital in Quincy, IL. I would like to make a donation to the annual scholarship drive to help others because I was so thankful for the TAC scholarship I received.



And if we equal each of the last three years, you'll add 20 more! 

Mr. Simpson Got Us Started

Don’t ya know?  It was Chris Simpson, then ERHS Principal and now Assistant Superintendent of Schools for RCCU1, who got the scholarship program started in 2012.  That was before I, with help, had established the Tiger Pride Alumni Association which is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization.

Simpson’s Creditability    

Anyway, one good thing about those first years when TAC members sent their donations directly to the school was, in short, the credibility.  Mr. Simpson got emails from donors who were checking on the situation before mailing the check.  TAC members, all of the few hundred we had back then, trusted a plan with the school collecting the checks.  Thanks Mr. Simpson.



Every Dollar Goes to the Scholarships! 

Plese Donate!

Please Mail Checks to

Janet Everette, Treasurer, TPAA

906 East Cherry Street

Olney, IL. 62450

Please make your check out to Tiger Pride Alumni Association

Remember: the Tiger Pride Alumni Association, Ltd., is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization.

Janet will mail you a statement acknowledging your donation.  To do that she needs your help.  Please be sure she knows the donor's name(s), the return mail address, and any special requests.  Some donors request anonymity.  Some want their gift to include an honor of someone special, when posted on TAC.   Some want to includea challenge to classmates.



Donors List:

As stated in previous years, we like to publish your name on our donors' list but will use “Anonymous” if you request it.  I do hope you will permit us to post your name.  We have good evidence that suggest naming names helps increase donations.  Thanks!


Click Here: Current Totals:

To see the current list of current contributors




The Tiger Pride Alumni Association - TAC Scholarship recipients are selected by the Richland County High School Senior Awards Committee.  Scholarships are awarded to deserving graduating seniors at Richland County High School based on the following criteria.

1) Students in good academic standing and at least a 'B' average.

2) Students that have demonstrated the Core Expectations of RCHS Students of Respect, Responsibility and Work Ethic.

3) Financial need of the student is considered in the selection, but it is not the sole criterion.




Note about the above process:  None of those who will be a recipient knows of being selected until hearing her or his name announced during the ceremony on Senior Awards night.  Nor do the TAC - TPAA directors.  It's a secret.   We have no part of the selection.




What to do?  Check out our future announcements, during February and March!  You can also follow us on TPAA's tiger pride alumni association fb page.  Also, Ann's "Olney Memories," “OM’s!” 

You can enjoy watching the donation total grow, meaning more $1K scholarships for up to 20 RCHS graduating seniors.   Perhaps you may want to donate too.

 Thank you!  Richard Williams, Founder, TPAA and TAC


Here we go, TAC Tigers!  Want to be happy? Let the donations begin!  Let's help help some students have a chance for a better future!


Happy Days!