Alumni Leaders - TAC and TPAA


2018 Administrators


Tiger Alumni Center

Garry Bowman (1964), TAC Web Master

Ann Weesner King (1960), "Olney Memories"

Nancy O'Connell (1975), Veterans Director

Nancy Rumsey (1966), TPAA Director and TAC's Director of In Memories/Obits

Ron Scherer (1962), Guest Historian

Clarence "Smitty" Smith, Director TPAA and TAC Admin.



Tiger Pride Alumni Association

Lisa Hough Hemrich (1990), President

Brenda Stallard (WRHS 1988), Vice President and TPAA Webmaster

Janet McKinney Everette (1977), Treasurer

 Amy Rusk (2004), Secretary

Glenda Hinkle, (1982), TPAA Director

Mandy Houchin (1997), TPAA Director

Nancy Rumsey (1966), TPAA Director and TAC's Director of In Memories/Obits

Clarence "Smitty" Smith (1960), Director TPAA and TAC Admin.




2010 - 2017 Administrators

(Past Volunteers)


Tiger Alumni Center


John Fritchey (1961)

Stan Gill (1964)

Peggy Wilburn Long (1955)

Judy Dale Hill Walker (1964)



Tiger Pride Alumni Association


Kellie Bussard Cook (1964)

Mary Ann Noerenberg Cummings (1970)

Eric Toliver (1993)

Judy Dale Hill Walker (1964)


Founding Administrator

Bill Hill, RHS 1966

First TAC Administrator, 2010 - 2011


The idea of establishing an alumni website was on my mind for over a year before I acted on it.  I was inspired by the independent website of for the alumni of Rockville High School operated by a team of administrators including my good friend, Bill Hill, Class of 66.  He was a junior at the school my first year of teaching after obtaining my Bachelors at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana, in 1964.   Bill volunteered to help me get our Tiger Alumni Center established.  He served as a guest administrator for over a year.


I had gotten to know the Rox site and the good people who operate it.  In the process, I came to the conclusion their team approach is one I want to take -- a team approach.  Thus, while I'm the founder, I have been lucky to have excellent leaders volunteer to administer the website. 


Friends of TAC and TPAA


Tom Loftin Weber, Attorney (Class of 1964)

Frank Wagner, Attorney (Class of 1965)

Bob Lemke, TPAA Sponsor (Class of 1960)



From the fall of 2012 to August, 24th, 2014, we worked to create the Tiger Pride Alumni Association (TPAA), established August 24th.  We could not have created TPAA without the extensive help of Tom Weber who wrote the TPAA Bylaws and Frank Wagner who prepared our 501c3 application form and successfully got it accepted.

Bob Limke also served to help the establishment of the new Pride (TPAA) by donating operational funds to the tune of $5,000 in 2014, a contribution he repeated October, 2016.  

The TPAA directors were pleased to acknowledge Mr. Lemke as its corporate sponor in 2014.  Link to statement posted on TPAA's website.



Richard Ray Williams

Class of 1960



April 8, 2017