Original Wall of Appreciation

Tiger Alumni Center

This area of the Tiger Alumni Center  is dedicated to the nearly 1000 ERHS alumni that have served honorably in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.


We want to honor them with this

Wall of Appreciation



Below is a listing of those we know that served. If a name has a ‘link’, you can click on the name to see further information for that person. Additionally, if a name does not have a ‘link’ and you know of their whereabouts, please contact them and ask them to submit their military service details us.

Contact Garry Bowman at erhs1964@yahoo.com.  

We would also appreciate anybody's submission of a ERHS alumni veteran's name and/or information that does not appear below.

Thanks to everyone for your help and cooperation.

(Also visit the Veteran's Information Page)


Dedication To

John (Jack) Alden Fritchey III

Class of 1961 

March 24th, 1943 to May 14th, 2013

In 2011, John, Jack as I knew him, accepted the position of Veterans’ Administrator for the Tiger Alumni Center.  As such, he created the veterans affairs services which included his “Wall of Appreciation” listing hundreds of ERHS alumni veterans.  TAC members can easily review the services of its Vet members by clicking on the name of the vet.  Setting up the page with its hundreds of members was not so easy.  We can't appreciate the creativity and time John invested to create this special feature of TAC.

He not only single-handedly created and developed the vet services, he also worked with the other TAC administrators offering new services and imaginative approaches to ERHS alumni services.  One highlight of these was the April, 2012, reunion held in Spring, Texas, for all alumni living in the region, hosted by him and his wife Charmaine.  To review that reunion click on his picture below.

John also encouraged the collection of "Olneans," a task he began for TAC.

In the months before his death, John assisted Richard and the other TAC administrators in the creation of the Tiger Pride Alumni Association.

John held his position with the Tiger Alumni Center until his death.  He is missed.

John Fritchey - Founder of TAC's Veterans Services


Do we appreciate our veterans.....


Herbert Adams Pete Ahlfield* John Robert Ahlfield 
Ray Aidt John Ahlfield  
Reuben Allard* James Allison Dave Anderson
John Lee Anderson Marshall Anderson* Rick Anderson
Theodore Anderson George Edward Armsey* Jimmie Armsey
David Lee Armstrong Hugh Ashmore* Lisa Ault
Norman D. Axelson Frank Ayers  
Glenn Badger* Harry Bail*  
Herbert Bail* Robert Bail F. E. Bailey*
George Lewis Bailey Othel Bailey* Robert H. Bailey
Gerald Baker Robert J. Baker*  
Larry Bander Melvin Eugene Barche  
Ralph Barker* Gary Barnett George Newell Barnhart*
Leslie Arlo Barnhart* Charles Barre Beatrice Bartley*
Maurice Bartley* George M. Bass* Paul Bass
Jerry Don Bateman Kenneth Wayne Bateman  
Robert Battistella Sydney Battistella Jack L. Bauman
Jim Bauman* Joe Bauman* Michael Bauman
Thomas Bauman Willard Bauman* William Frederick Bauman*
William Baumgartner Alan Beam Frank Albert Beam
Warren E. Beaird* Glenn Beasley* Adam Beaumont*
Paul R. Beaumont* Leonard A. Beavers* Robert B. Bell*
George Bellinger* LeRoy Bellinger Robert E. Bellinger Jr.
Benny Bennett Ivan Bennett Monty L. Bennett*
Robert Dale Benton Carroll Berg* Brad Burgener
Ron Berkshire Steve Berkshire Larry Bigard
Jacob Black    
James Wilson Black Jr George Blackburn* Richard Blackburn
Robert Blackburn* Myrl Blain* Vernon Blain
Levi Blakney* Otto Blind* Carl Boatman
Gene Boatman* Clifford A. Bohren* Kenneth Bohren*
Sidney Bohren* James Robert Bohrer  
Ronald Boldry Howard Boley  
Roy Boley James D. Boone* Brandon Boose
  Dan Borah  
Robert Lyle Boughan* Randall (Bud) Bourell* Ira M. Bourne*
John O. Bourne* Joe Bowlby* Robert Bowlby*
Riley L. Bowen* Hazel (Hall) Bower Ralph Bower*
Richard Bowers* Lowell Bowling* James W Brabon
Glen Bradham    
Danny Brady John Brant*  
Mary L Brassie* George E. Brassier* Bernard Brauer
Harry Brauer John Alden Brauer* Warren Breedlove*
Roland K. Breithaupt Everette Brewer  
David W. Brinkley Donald Brinkley Jason Bricker
William Roe Bridges Caleb Brinkley Franklin Otis Brinkley
George Brinkley* Harold Brinkley* James Brinkley
Jerald Brinkley Wesley "Buddie" Bristow* Charles F. Britton*
Kenneth E. Britton* Robert Britton Roy Dale Britton*
John D. Brookfield* Alva L. Brooks, Jr.* Charles Brooks
Dean Brooks* James Brooks Dale Brown*
George Marion Brown Robert O. Brown*  
Elmo Brummitt* Glenn R. 'Jack' Buckles James Buckels
George Buckley* George Buckley* Bill Bunn
Joe Bunn Jerry Bullard  
Walter C. Bullard*   David Bunting
Glen B. Bunting Barry Burcham Allen K. Burgener
Carl Burgener* John Burgener Loren Burgener
Marlyn Burgener Maurice Burgener* Myron Burgener*
Ray E. Burgener Ron Burgener Vernon Burgener*
Charles Marion Burnett* Ronald Burris Robert Burt
George A. Buss* Paul E. Buss Charles Butler
Thomas Bursott Billy G Byford  Harold Byrd*
Robert Byrne    
  - C -  
James Cain    
John Caldwell Loren Cammon
Shelly (Black) Carwile
Vernon Cassady* Joe Castillo* Roy Caudle*
Earl E. Cazel* Ralph S. Cazel* Anthony Chaplin
  George Chaplin*  
Gerald Wayne Chaplin Glen Chaplin Jack Chaplin
John Chaplin Otis E. Chaplin* Raymond Chaplin
J.H. Cherry
Richard Harvey Childress  George Ronald Clark*
James R. Clark* Kenneth Clark Phil Clark
Sam Clifford* Earl Clodfelter* David Clow
Francis Eugene Coan*    
John Coan* Mary Louise Coan* Thomas Coan
Vern Coan* Bill Cockerell* Loren Cokley*
Verlin E. Cokley Edgar Cole Warren H. Cole
Eugene E. Collins* Tom W. Collins* Betty Colvin*
Harold Colvin* Jackson Colvin* Kenneth Colvin
William Colvin Gerald Combs* Charles Combs 
Marion W. Combs     
Charles Conour, Jr.* Charles F. Conour* Donovan Conour
Howard E. Cook* Delmer C Cooper John Coplea*
Boyce F. Corbin* Ronald Wayne Crites  
Jesse Coulter Theodore Cox Francis Crackel*
Theodore Crackel    
Elvin W. Craig* Robert Cravens Lee Crites*
Eddie Crosby Roy E. Crosby* Everette Lee Cummins*
Frank Cummins James F. Cummins III James T. Cummins*
Joseph Cummins Patrick Cummins Stephen Craig Cummins  
Muriel Cutshall    
  - D -  
Jim Dale Neil Daubs* Harlan "Whit" Davenport*
Herman Davenport* Leon Davenport* Alexis Davis
Gary Davis George H. Davis* Maynard Davis*
Ron Davis Benjamin Day
Dorthea Dean
Frank E. Dean* George Dean* Jack Dean*
James Dean* Ted Dean Tim Dean
Willard Dean John Deaton Albert DeBarr
Carl A. Decker Clyde Decker Glenn O. Decker
Mike Decker Alvin Dehlinger Michael Dehner
Robert Dehner    
James Delzell* Loren Delzell* Robert Delzell*
Vernon Davon Delzell* Robert E. Dickerson* Delmar Diel
Charles H. Deimel    
Dean Dietrich Roy Dietrich* Jim Dillman
Robert Dillman* Ted Dillman James Ellliot Doan
Jeane W. Doan    
Louie Doan Marshall Dodson William Anthony Doherty
Urban Doll Loren Dowty  
  David Fredrick Drewes Galen Dugan*
Richard Dugan Timmy Dunahee Paul Dunn
  - E -  
Robert Lee Edminston James Egleston* Robert Carl Egleston*
John Elder Gaylord Ellis* Maurice Ellis*
Robert G. Ellison Donald Lewis Emlen   
Edward Verne Engledow Harry Engledow*  
Lawrence R. Engledow* Tom Earnest  
Bill Ervin Michael Eubank  
Deb (Hundley) Evans Charlie Everette  
Harold Everette Robert Everette* Rod Everette
Tom Everette Carl William Eyer Willard Jean Eyer
  - F -  
John Fawkes Marion Faris* Charles H. Farmer*
Presley Farris* Dean Fehrenbacher* George F. Fehrenbacher
James Fehrenbacher    
Roy Fehrenbacher* Carl H. Ferguson Harry Fessel
Morry Feutz Bertis Fields* Charles E. Fildes*
Charles R. Findley, Jr.* Lisa (Ault) Finkle Dale Finley*
James A. Fiock* Robert Fisk* Alan Fleeharty
Benjamin Fleeharty Allen Fleming Charles 'Dave' Fleming
Howard Fleming Maxine Fleming (Jones)* Cecil Fletcher
John Franklin Forrest    
Robert (Bob) Foerster Edward Fore* Garry Foreman
Robert Forrest, Jr.* Robert B. Forsyth  
Harry Foust Robert Foust* Dan Fox
Roger Francis Robyn (Lewis) Frazier Robert Freeland
Troit Freeland
Bascom French* Bernard Carl Franklin
Dorothy Fritchey (Steward)*    
Garold David Fritchey J. Alden Fritchey, Jr.* John Fritchey
Dan Fritchley Charles E. Fritschle Clifton Fritschle*
John Fritschle Harold Lee Frost G. T. Frutiger*
Johnny Fulgham*    
Dale Funkhouser* John R. Funkhouser*  
  - G -  
J.W. Gaddis    
Harold Gaddy* Earl Frederick Gaede* Carl Gaines*
Leo Galbreath* Jesse Gallagher Robert Gallagher*
Thomas F. Gallagher Walter 'Neil' Gallagher Marion Gallaspie
Bernard Gantenbein    
Cathy (King) Gantenbein Orris Gardener Morris Gardner
Truman Gardner Jim Garner  
Doris E. Garrett* Walter Garrett* Daniel C. Garvey 
Cobern E. Gaskins*    
George Gassman Henry Gassman Zean Gassman, Jr.*
Alicia (Goodrick) Gay Dennis Gayer  
Roy Gerber* John Germer  
Paul Gertsch*    
Walter Gibbs* John C. Gibson* Richard F. Giese
John F. Gilbert     
Ray Gill* Stehpen Gill Stanley Gill
Eddie Gillard     
Marion R. Gillaspie Max Gillaspie Ruth Gillespie*
John Ginder James C. Glover* John Godfry
Lowell Goldsmith James Goodman* Larel Raymond Goodman*
Ralph Goodman* Rose Goodman* Ellsworth B. Gorrell*
Ken Gower James Gosnell  
James Goss* Robert L. Goss*  
Melvin Graves* Dale Gray* Donald L. Gray*
Willard Gray Benny Lee Green  
Charles Green George Greeson Robert R. Greenwalt*
Albin Clifford Gregory*    
Milo Gregory Gerry Griffin* William Griffin
Leland Groff* Vernon Gross Billy Keith Grove
Fred Grubb*    
Harry J. Grubb* Lee Grubb Ben Grundon
Harold Gruneisen* Norman Grueisen* Harry Gumble
  - H -  
Alvin Hahn Clifford Eugene Hahn  
Dennis Hahn Melvin Hahn Leonard Haines*
C. M. Hall* Ernest Hampton, Jr.* A. Kenneth Hanes
Vernon Hanes*   Bob Harmon
Joseph Harden* Daymon Dl Harding* Carl Harmon*
Dale Harmon* Kenneth Harmon* Neil Harmon
Reginald C. Harmon Reuben M. Harmon* Robert Ellsworth Harmon*
Robert Harmon* Wilber Harmon* Kenneth R. Harms*
Myrl Harms*    
Henry (Bud) O. Harness Eugene Harper* George Rl Harper*
Kenneth Harper* Jim Harpster* John R. Harpster*
Burton Harris* Patrick Woods Harrison  
Gerald Harrell Eugene E. Harrolle* Glen Hart*
Dewey E. Haskell* Wilber Hasslinger* Ed Hataway
Opal Wingert Hataway*    
Alan Hatten Luther T. (Jack) Hayes* Jim Hawkins
Harry E. Hawkins* Bill Hayes* Johnny Hayes
Raymond C. Hayes* Terry Lee Hayes Glenn Haynes
Tom Haynes Leo Hazel* Bill Headley
James S. Hearring* Albert J. Heath* Gary Heckler
Rudolph Earl Heckler*    
Paul Heidselman* Fred Heindershott* Glen Hendershott*
John Helm Bernard Herman Nile Herrin*
Ron Herrin
Scott Hickle* Charles Hicks*
Fred Hicks* John Robert Hicks* Donald Highsmith
Clarence William Hill Delbert Hill* John Hill
Ralph Hill* Steve Hill Jack R. Hixon
Raymond Hixon Robert Joe Hixon  
Robert Hocking* Bill Hockman* John Dean Hockman*
Ronnie Hockman Dean Hoel* Neil Holman*
Karl A. Holtz* Steve Holtz Donald Hoover*
Cebert Hornback Christopher Hortin Earl E. (Gene) Hostettler
Robert Hostettler    
Darrell Wayne Houchin* William R. Houchin* James Hough
Pat D. Hough Charles Floyd Householder Dan Howser
Cyril Hovey, Jr.* Henry Hubbard* Stephen Huber*
Eugene Huchel Frederic Huchel Berlin Hudson*
Neal Hudson* Albert Huffman Galen Hughes
Keith Hughes Larry Hughes   
Wendell Hull William E. Hull* Danny Hundley
James William Hunt John Hunt* Oscar Hurley*
John D. Hurn* Alvin Hurt George N. Hursta
Jerry Hutchings Allen Hyde  
  - I -  
Glen Iaggi Clyde Travis Iaun Robert C. Iaun*
Edward Iaun Lyle Inyart Elmer Dale Ireland*
James (Jim) R Isaacs     
  - J -  
Donovan Jackson Silas Jackson*  
Ron Janes Leland Jared Cecil Jenkins
Edward Jenkins* Gerald A. Jenkins* James E. Jenkins
Robert Jenkins Granville Jenner* Leon Jenner
Richard Jenner* Charles E. Jennings* Donald Jennings*
Edgar Jennings* Ivan Jennings Jean Jennings
Leo Jennings* Michael Jennings Warren S. Jennings*
Alice Louise Jones Charles Ray Jones* Douglas Jones
Harold W. Jones* Jack G. Jones* James J. Jones*
James L. Jones* James L. Jones* Jerry Jones*
Joe Robert Jones* John Jones* Joy F. Jones*
Ralph Jones* Ralph J. Jones* Robert L. Jones*
Roy Lee Jones* Vernon Jones* Walter Jones
Edward "Ed" Judge     
  - K -  
David Kallansrude Michael Kallansrude William Kallansrude*
Ed Kapper Melvin Kapper William Kapper
  Edward J. "Butch" Kasten Bill Keen
Irvin Keen Joe Kehoe* John Keiffer
Sam Keiffer Kenneth Keller Leon Keller
Gordon Kelly* Harold Kermicle* Elsworth Kesler*
Richard Prather Kesler     
Robert Lee Kesler* William Kesler* William Walter Kesler*
Robert Kerster Walter Kester Harold Keyser*
Diane Kin William Kincaid* Don Kinkade
John Kincaid* Clyde 'Richard' King Don King
Floyd King* John King* Arthur Klug*
Harry Klug* Mike Knox  
Carl Kocher Delmar Kocher Herman Kocher Jr.
Michael A. Kocher    
Norman Andrew Kocher Loy Koertge* Walter Koertge
Dale Kowa* John Kraft  
Dean Krudwig* Albert L. Kurtz III* Carl Kurtz*
Dorothy I. Kurtz* Jim Kurtz Vernon Kurtz
Charles Dale Kutz Jr. Henry Kutz* Jerry Kutz*
Jerry Kuydendall    
  - L -  
William Labadie* Donald Rex Lacey Walter C. Lacey
Keith Lake Norman Lamkin Dick Landenberger
Jackson Landenberger James W. Landis* Kenneth Landis*
Phillip Landis    
Sherman Landis Marion A. Lanear* La Vaughn "Darby" Lanter*
Charles Lathrop Gail Lathrop
John Edward Lathrop*
Howard Lauer Richard Dale Leach  
John Leaf Frederick Leaf Richard C. Leaf*
Jack Leathers* Ivan Ledeker Lloyd Ledeker
Ray Ledeker* Charles Ronald Lee* Robert J. Lee*
Troy R. Leet Kleon LeFever* Robert Leffler
Herman Lehwald* Howard Lehwald Richard Paul Lehwald
Harold E. Leist* Vernon R. Lenear* Virgil Lenear*
Roy Lester* John R. (Jack) Lewis Joe Lewis*
Elmer Linder* Paul Linder  
Gerry Litherland* Robert Eugene Locke* David Lockwood
Noel Loftin
Clyde E. Long Robert Long Joshua Longbons
Carl Longnecker*    
Jack Lopin* Jim Lorenz Robert Loveless*
Burton Loveman* Leonard Lucas* Bill Luthe
Fred Luthe Michael J. Luthe Rodney Lydle
  - M -  
Jim Maas*    
Paul A.C. Maas Loy I. Mackey* Gary Madden
Martin W. Madden* Corwin Manning Ovid Maples*
Doug Marrs Ernest Marshall Roy Marshall*
Arthur Lloyd Martin Bill E. Martin* Charles Lowell Martin*
Millard Martin* Norman Martin  
Ron (Ace) Martin Steve Martin Joy Mason
Hubert H. Mattoon William Harvey May  
  Paul McBride* Nancy (O'Connell) McCall
Jack McCann Glen E. McClure Harry McClure*
Robert McClure Bill McCurdy* Jack McCurdy*
Charlie McDowell Charles McDowell Edwin McGarvey*
Stephen Alan McKinney  Jim McIntyre Russel McLerran
Larry Dean McVaigh Eugene Mc Vaigh Robert McVaigh
Michael Lee McWhirter Jim McWilliams
Ned McWilliams*
Ray McWilliams* Edward Meadows Sr.  
  Gene Meadows* James L. Meadows*
James Manton Meadows* Marion Meadows* Henry Mehmert
Greg Michaels Charles L. Michels Harold Eugene Michels
Joseph Michels* Frank L. Michl* David Ace Milford
Benny Lewis Miller* Bill Miller Clarence B. Miller*
David Edward Miller Donald Miller Ed Miller
Frank Miller* Frank F. Miller  Gerald C. Miller *
Glen (Bud) Miller * Glen (Skip) Miller James Wayne Miller
Jerry Miller* Larry Miller Milton Orville Miller*
Robert F. Miller* Stanley Miller* Theodore Miller, Jr.*
William H. Miller* William "Bill" Miller* Willis Miller*
Bill Millspaugh
Ross Milone Walter Milone*
Chester Minkler*   (Will) David Mitchell
Glen H. Mitchell* John Alva Mitchell* Loren Mitchell*
William F. Mitchell* Roger Mleynek Ernest Sam Moore*
Gene Moore Ralph C. Moore William A. Moore
W.M. Moore    
Ronnie Morris Emil Mosser* James Mounts*
Tom Mouser Kurt C. Mowrer Steve Moyes)
Clyde Mullinax* Paul E Mullinax*  
John Dwight Muncie   Albert E. Murphy*
Frank Murphy* H.T. Murphy* Tom Murphy
Mike E. Murray    
Clifford Musgrave Eugene R. Musgrove* Keith Milo Musgrove 
Ivan William Musgrove* Dewey Myers  
  - N -  
Darrell Navolt Robert Navolt*  
Larry Nease Kenneth Negley Clint J. Nelson*
Larry Nelson Ronald Nelson Stephanie Nelson
Bill Newton* Kenneth E. Nettleton  
Mark Nice* Paul Nice*  
Marion Bruce Nicholas Roy Nicholas* Donnie Nichols
Paul Noerenberg    
Fred Noerenberg Lowell Noll*  
Jerry Novak  Merle Novak Steve Novak
  Timothy L. Novak Theodore Nowak*
Paul B. Nuding*    
  - O -  
George Robert O'Brien Donovan O'Donnell*  
Jim Ochs Mervin Ohm Robert Ohm*
John (Jack) Olson Alexis (Howser) Osterman  
  - P -  
Arnold Paddock*    
August Pampe Carl Fredrick Pampe James Pampe
William Pampe* Bill Parker Harold Parker
James Parker    
Joseph Parker William Parker Larry Wayne Parmenter  
Otto Max Pasley* Steve Pass Jim Pass Jr
Donald Patterson*    
Gary Wayne Paul William Paulsell* Willard Pauley 
Anthony Pech*    
Robert Pellum Richard Dan Pemberton Frank W. Pepple*
Bob Persinger* Glen E. Peters* James Peters*
Kenneth Petty Arthur Phillips* Eugene Phillips*
Jean Phillips* Vernon Phipps* Gary Piper
Harold Piper*    
Harry B. Piper, Jr.* Hugh Piper* Rebecca Pipher
Clarence Pitts* Dewey Poland* Johnnie Deyo Poland*
William Pontius* Clark Pool Franklin Pool*
Marshall H. Pool Nicholas J. Porter   
Bernard G. (Bernie) Pottorff Jim Pottorff Ernest Powell*
Ruth Elaine (Jones) Powell Roy Powers* Jack Pritchard*
Jack Propes Jack E. Provines* Marshall Provines
Mike Provines Nickolas Puckett Leslie Purdy
  - Q -  
Robert Quayle Dan R. Quick Jerry Quick
Ralph E. Quillen*    
  - R -  
Lloyd Merrill Ramsey* Nathan A Rann Seth A Rann
William E. Ratcliffe*    
Ernest G. Rawlings* Clinton O. Read* Donald J. Redman*
James Redman Keith Redman* Robert E Redman*
Connel Reed Howard Reed Jeannie Reinhold
James Rennier James Reynolds* Robert L. Reynolds*
Ileen Rice Lagretta Sue Rice  
Norman Richards* Russell Richards* George Richardson
George "Mike" Richardson     
Clem Richey Harold Richey* Dale Ridgely
Kenneth Levi Ridgley Russell Eugene Robbins  
Samuel Robbins* Chadwick Roberts Majorie Clevenger Ronalds*
Earl Robinson George F. Robinson  Robert Robinson
Stephan Rodgers    
Robert J. Rogers Walter Rogers Stanley Rosborough
Cloyd C. Rose, Jr.* John Rose    
Gerald 'Jerry ' Roth John R. Roth Richard J. Roth
Alfred Royse Ernest B. Royse* Julian Royse
Lowell Rudolphi Melvin Rudolphi* Darce George Rumsey
Aden Runyen, Jr.* Berlin C. Runyon Leo Runyon
Raymond Runyon Richard W. Runyon Michael Russell
Roger Russell J. W. Ryan
  - S -  
Billy R. Sager Frank Sager Max Sager, Sr.
Paul L. Sager Charles Harold Salisbury* Jerry Sanford
John D. Sayre Robert Sayre* James D. Scanlin*
Denzel "Denny" Shafer* Carl Schahrer* Irl Schahrer*
Bob Schaub Jack Schaub Ward Schaub
William Lynn Schaub Bernard Scherer* Bernice (Crum) Scherer
Chris Scherer David Scherer Earl F. Scherer*
Eugene Scherer Gaylord Scherer Hubert Scherer
Jerry Scherer Jim Scherer Junior Scherer*
Kenneth Scherer* Larry Scherer  
Myrl Scherer* Raymond Scherer Richard Scherer
Russell Scherer Everette Schmoker Paul K. Schmoker*
Vernon Schnepper* Charles Schoffstoll* Louis Schoffstoll*
Robert Schonert* Wayne Schonert Gary Schrader 
Kenneth Schrader*    
Calvin Schrey Everett J. Schwartz Arlie Scott*
Delbert Scranton John Archie Scranton, Jr. Russell Scranton
Edmund B. Sebree    
Melvin Dale Seely* Wayne Seely* Robert Seessengood
Michael Seibert George Siebold, Jr.* Eugene Seiler*
Verle N. Seiler    
John Seymour A. Lee Shafer
William Bill Shafer
Rick Shafer Howard Shaw Elmer Shearer*
Walt Shearer Donald Clark Shipley George E. Shipley
Jesse William Shipley, Jr.* Loren Shipley* Rex Shipley*
Larry William Shipman    
Harvey Shoemaker Rex Shryock  
Arthur (Bud) Shultz* Steve Shultz Robert Sims*
Eugene Skaggs* Donald Skelton Joe M. Slater*
John Slater Stanley Slichenmyer Leo (Gus) Sliva
  Bill Slichenmyer  
Rex Sloan* William F. Sloan* Bearl S. Smith*
Duane Smith Elmer Smith* Frank Smith*
George Smith Harvey Smith* James Kenneth Smith
Norman Smith William Minor Smith* Russell Snider
Roger Allen Smith    
Dale Snively Paul Snively Wendell Snively
Fred Speith, Jr. James Spieth  
Arch E. Spelman James Spillman Thomas Junior Spillman
Charles E. Sprague* Donald Sprague* Gerald E. Stacey*
John Stacy* James Stadge Eugene Stage*
Darrell Staley    
Kenneth Stallard* Charles Stangle Glen Stanley*
Terry Stanley Robert Starwalt II Jim Steber
Lawrence M. Steber Hollis Steen Marshall H. Steffy*
Patrick Stegall Alfred Rhodell Sterchi  
Charles Sterchi Dale Sterchi Earl Sterchi
Robert Sterchi Jr* Thomas Sterchi  
  Bob Stevens
Earl Stevens*
Larry Stevens Phillip Stevens Stanley Stevens
Donald Stewart*    
Virgil Stewart* Warren Stewart Elbert Stiff
Robert Stiff* Michael C. Stiff  
Leland Stillwell* Jack C. Stivers*  
James L. Stivers   Lloyd Stivers
Louis Stivers, Jr.* Ray Stivers* Richard Stivers
William Stivers* Ralph Stoddard  
Eugene Stoll*   Jim Stoltz
Merle Stoltz* Ralph Stoltz* George Allen Stone*
Herman Stone* William Stone* Melvin Stout
Rolla Ferrel Stout Ellis Stover Gary Street
Roe Street W. R. Stroud* Robert Struble
Gene "Buddy" Sturgeon* John Stull  
Howard Summers* John B. Summers*  
John Summers Mike Summers Paul David Summers
Chelsie Burton Sutherland    
Everette Sutherlin, Jr.* James Robert Sutherlin* Keith Sutton*
Edwin Ray Swinson* Glen W. Swinson* Paul Swinson
Robert Swisher    
  - T -  
Carl Tarpley* Charles Edward Tarpley  Allan Dennis Tatum 
Bob Taylor Glenn Taylor Ralph Taylor*
Roger Lee Taylor Wayne Taylor William Taylor*
William Willis Tennyson* Bernadine Thomann* Fred Thomann*
Wayne Eugene Thomas William 'Bill' Thomas  
Max Thomas Jimmy Ray Thomas James Robert Thomason
Bernard Thompson*    
Diel Thompson* Jacob Thompson* Bill Charles Thomson
John Tice Jr. Steve Tice Irl Toliver
Timothy Tilton* John Timmons* Jack Tippit*
Carroll Toliver* Ronald Gene Tolliver  
Gary Totten Gordon Totten Jeffrey A. Totten
Harry C. Totten* Oscar Totten Paul L Totten*
Robert Earl Travers Ruth D. Travers* John D. Travis*
Walter Treece Robert Lee Tucker* Donald Tucker
Rex Tucker Charles W. Turrentine*  
  - U -  
Robert Ulm* Paul Ulrich Donald Umfleet*
Charles Frederic Utz     
  - V -  
Bert Vail*    
William Vail* Michael Vail Glenn F. Van Blaricum*
Charles V. Van Cleve* C.C. Van Matre* George VandeList
Betty Varner* Bud Varner Dave Varner
Harold Varner* Truman Varner* Robert Vaughn
Charles Vaughn Byron Vice* Frank Vice*
Larry David Volk     
Bob von Almen Byron H. Von Almen* Fred Von Almen*
J. M. Von Almen* Johnnie Von Almen* John R. von Almen
Karl Von Almen* Maurice Von Almen* Reuben Von Almen*
Tom von Almen William F. Von Almen* Willis Von Almen*
  - W -  
George Wagner*    
Loren William Wagner* Vern Walker* Buddy R. Warren
John Warren Henry Watkins* Kenneth Watkins
Robert Waxler     
Paul Weaver* Paul Webber Bernard Weber*
David Weber Gene Weber George Weber*
James A. Weber John C. Weber Lawrence Weber
Peter C. Weber Peter L. Weber Phil Weber
Tom Weber* Bill Webster Brandon Weems
Tom Weesner* William Weesner Delbert Weidner*
James Weiler* Allen Welker  
Joy E. Wells* James Doit Welker  
Robert F. Wells* Robert Wayne Wells* William Scott Wells*
Jerry Wesselschmidt Jack West* Jim West*
Lowell West* Orville West* Robert West
Billy Joe Weston    
Wes Weston Glenn Wettreau* James Whitaker
Warren Whitaker* Tracy (Griffith) Whitney Richard E. Wickham
Arthur Jewell Wilkerson* Walter Lowell Wilkens  
Albert Williams* Buford Williams*  
Coy Williams* Eddie Williams* Harry C. Williams*
Loren E. Williams    
Max Williams* Ronald Williams Francis Williamson
James Williamson* James Willis* Charles N. Wilson
David Wilson Dennis Wilson  
James E. Wilson* Gene Wilson Keith Wilson
Kenneth O. Wilson*    
Leslie Wilson* Neil O. Wilson* Samuel C. Wilson*
Tex Wilson Virginia 'Ginny' Wilson  
  Ronald Lee Williams  
Robert Wimer Cloyd Wingert* Dale Wingert 
Opal (Hataway) Wingert William J. Withrow, Jr. James Witschy
Ernest Witsman William Witsman* Mike F. Witt*
Bill Wood Keith Leon Worden  
  Douglas Worstell Brent Worthall
Donald "Jeff" Wright* Fredrick W. Wright Larry Wright
Orville (Mick) Wright
Donald Wyatt Gene Wyatt
William Wyatt Cloyd Wynn  
  - X -  
  - Y -  
James Yeager* Ralph Yohe* Roland Youngling
  - Z -  
Francis Zerkle* Roger Zerkle  
Harvey Loy Zimmerle Philip Zimmerly Robert Eugene Zimmerly
Eugene (Gene) Zuber     
Bob Zwermann* Martin C Zwilling  
Denotes Deceased * Denotes WWII Vets  Denotes Teacher/Staff
To each and everyone on the Wall and their families and loved ones.....

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