Once Colorblind; Now Colorwise


Once Colorblind; Now Colorwise.

A Metaphor of a Transition


Vision and wisdom have long been expressed in the metaphor of new lenses or glasses.   I want to share my version of the metaphor of new sight with new lenses.   To do so, let me first summaize an article about a 12-year-old girl who was born colorblind. With the gift of glasses with the newly-invented EnChroma lenses, she now enjoys normal color vision.  These lenses correct an imbalance in the eye cones.  They do so by exciting the three color cones by a chemical change separating the red ones from the green, and that returns the balance of blue, red, and green  -- resulting in normal visual spectrum of sight. 

That process of balancing the three cones does remind me that the time we are attending college is a time of transition, from youth needing parents to nurture them and provide a home, to students in a new environment with teachers as ‘local parentis’, and then to young adulthood.  We need our early cultural foundation; we get new glasses in college.  We see ourselves differently, having a vision of ourselves as separate individuals with enough boldness to separate enough from our once-comfortable past to accept the new identify.   We honor our past youth, our transition and our new sense of being, balancing the three respectfully.