Chat Tips



Chat Tips

Richard's notes:   I have 'borrowed' the list of tips below and did do some editting.  I thank Qwen of the CC site for administrators for sharing.  If you see TAP show up, that's the name of Qwen's website. 

Let me stress here that you should not worry about surface errors or spelling errors  -- unless you are sure no other human would understand.  I mean Live Chat moves too fast usually to try to clean it up.   Thanks!



Whether your first time in  Live Chat or your fiftieth, we’ve pulled together a bit of chat etiquette, some helpful tips and info (FAQs) for your review.


1.ENTERING CHAT.  When entering TAP Live Chat take a few minutes to read the comments to get a feel for what is being discussed, then when you are ready kindly post a “hello”, that way others will know you have finished reading the current discussion and are ready to participate. If you need to leave before the chat is over, simply post a comment letting everyone know, as it is simply a matter of common courtesy.

2.HELLOs & GOOD-BYEs in CHAT.  When you enter and leave a greeter will be the one to acknowledge you. Count this as everyone saying hello or bye at once. We are not ignoring you. The goal is to keep the conversation moving. Should the greeter not be available or in the room when chat begins, someone will greet you.  


3.CHAT STRUCTURE.  Topical chats are preferred by the majority of attendees and is conducive to the environment of learning / sharing we strive to maintain.

•QUESTIONS. State your question clearly in the room. Simply asking for help, saying you need help, or telling the room you have a question will not turn attention towards you. People are not mind readers, and they cannot help you unless you ask for it. Be specific in what you are looking for, and provide all relevant details to your question.

•Give the room a chance to answer you.

•Don't spam or flood the room with repeated questions, statements, or links.

•Fixing all spelling errors and typos is not necessary, only if what you wrote was the completely wrong word or the person is not going to understand without you fixing it.


4.Be RESPECTFUL at all times. Address others by name, use patience, tolerance & restraint.  Respect everyone in TAP chat, especially newcomers, remember, you were once a "newbie".  Newbies are usually there to learn so we all need to be mindful of that fact and at times practice additional patience with their questions always. Be willing to offer guidance and answers.

• When making a comment to someone in particular, please address the person by their name when chatting. We cannot make eye contact in Live Chat.

• If you feel someone is disrespectful to you, remember that without seeing their face and body language it may not be so. Please help us keep the discussion on topic without arguing with them.

• If a participant/attendee in chat insults anyone or verbally abuses anyone, while your instinct may be to fire back, please restrain yourself from doing so.  If this occurs, it will be addressed privately following the chat with the offender.  There is no place for this kind of behavior; it will not be tolerated here.  We purposely strive to create an environment in chat for sharing, learning and helping, anything to the contrary is unacceptable.

• Be civil to others. This is important in any situation, but even more so in a chat room, because only text is seen, and you can not see facial expressions or hear tones of voice.

• Avoid the use of language or attitudes which may be offensive to others.   If you use acronyms such as LOL (laughing out loud), or IOW (in other words), please use only the most popular (well known), as not all attendees are knowledgeable of the meanings of “texting-type acronyms”.

•Additionally, acronyms that use offensive language should be avoided.

• CAPS should only be used for emphasis.


5.LINKS SHARED IN CHAT. Please hover over the link in chat; COPY it and paste it into a new browser window or tab to view during chat.  Do not simply click on a link, as you will EXIT the chat and then have to return. Returning to chat is generally not a problem, however, if the chat has reached its maximum attendees (max is 20 persons), you may not be able to re-enter if someone has been trying to get in when you spot opens and they take your place.


6.ENJOY! Most importantly, enjoy your time in TAP Live Chat and never take things too seriously. Chat etiquette is something we all should use.