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Serving Others - Getting to Know Schoolmates!

We become one as TAC,ers!

When I was thinking of starting TAC, I was advised by a good friend, who was actively operating another alumni website, that I would be kept busy  -- often too much so!

My advisor already knew that I was highly motivated and would start the organization in spite of his warning.

He, I would say, loved people and truly enjoyed serving his schoolmates.  He saw the same in me.   And of course, I did start TAC!

I have enjoyed sharing TAC with you for twelve years now (Nov 12, 2022).  Key to that joy was your participation: many have contributed to the extent of creatig a culture of alums -- TAC'ers.  We liked each other; shared many key values.

That culture inspired me to share many stores -- articles reflecting my views of the culture.  You most likely have read many of those that follow under this title of "Richard's Stuff."  Many thanks for the memories!


November 12, 2022