1972 ERHS NEC Championship Football Team

1972 ERHS NEC Championship Football Team


Tigers, we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary on September 23, 2022, for the 1st ERHS NEC Championship Football Title in our schools history.

Players -Eric King, Brad Jones, John Berger, Tony Schrey, Rodger Sager, Mike Hand, Bill Bockhus, Ron Murry, Alan Stout, Jack Lee, Charlie Weber, Bill Etson, Calvin Runyon, Mike Pool, Dan Brown, David Jones, Chip Barche, David Mastio, Randy Blackford, Dave Morgan, Mike Kiger, Jim Brinkley, Kevin Spear, Rob Levey, Mike Henry, Greg Jones, Robert Lee, Doug Tucker, Barney Greenwood, Tom Martin, Jim Petty, Kerry Holtz, and Phil Novak.

Deceased players: Dave Stegall, Brad Billington, Jay Sizer, and Keith Mason.

Managers - Don Culver, Ken Hahn, Blaine Harrison, Steve Schwartz, and Jerry Franklin

Cheerleaders - Susan Linder, Audrey Hatch, Beth Tarpley, Mary Ellen Lake, and Lu Ann Stein

We were the first team to do it! We will be having a celebration on Friday, September 23rd as we play Mt. Carmel at home that night. We will be introduced at the game. There will be a section of the grandstand just for us and much more!

For more information, call Chip Barche at 618-302-1190 or email me at chipbarche@gmail.com  or chip.b42@hotmail.com