April 7 Ninth Dr - Short $1.3K



Happy Early-April, TAC'ers!


Great Days!  We’re close to our goal!  You know I’ve been a bit worried (or more than just a bit) that we’d fail to reach our $20K goal for 2019 drive.  In no way does that diminish my joy in your donations or my happiness when reading your names on our donor page. 

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We now need Only $1,362 to reach our goal!

Happy, Happy Ninth Blast of this eighth year of our scholarship program!  The new donation total is $18,638.25.  To see the current list of donors click on the drive or the pictures of Sharon or Janet.

The directors of Tiger Pride Alumni Association is reporting to RCHS that we will, indeed, sponsor 20 scholarships for 2019.  Also, at the board's request, I’m extending the drive to allow more time for more donations!  As I write above, we just need $1,362

Let’s  share the happiness!



Help Us Reach our Goal! 

Twenty Scholarships for 2019



Sharon's Challenge!

Sharon Hobart, Class of 1977

Special Attention, Classmates of 1977!

Classmates of the Class of 1977, you are being challenged to donate to the 2019 Scholarhip Drive!   

Your Classmate, Sharon Hobart, will match your donations up to a total of $500. 

Now is a great time!




To Donate!

Please Mail Checks to

Janet Everette, Treasurer, TPAA

906 East Cherry Street

Olney, IL. 62450

Please make your check out to Tiger Pride Alumni Association

Remember: the Tiger Pride Alumni Association, Ltd., is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) organization.

Janet will mail you a (legal, for your taxes) statement acknowledging your donation.  To do that she needs your help.  Please be sure she knows the donor's name(s), the return mail address, and any special requests.  

Some donors request anonymity.  Some wish their gift, when posted on TAC, include an honor of someone special.   Some request that a challenge to classmates to donate be included. 



Remember one hundred percent of your scholarship gift goes to the scholarships! 

(Also, just so that you know, we can accept donations up to a total of $250,000 a year.  I'm just saying.  Richard's Note)



Click here or below to visit our Volunteer List

2018 – 2019 Volunteers of 

 Tiger Alumni Center (TAC) and

Tiger Pride Alumni Association (TPAA)



Happy Days!


I'm hoping you will mail off your donation today!  After we reach our goal of twenty thousand dollars, that is twenty scholarships of one thousand dollars, donations arriving afterwards will be assigned to the 2020 scholarship drive.  Thanks so much!


"Whether you raised them or not,

they are all OUR children."

Lisa Hemrich, TPAA, President




"A GREAT Idea!"


Here's a great thought for any of you who want to donate but feel you just can't this year: give a gift of $5!

That's it!  Your amount may be small but your heart will be huge!  I'll post your name in the category of "under one-hundred dollars" -- I do not show exact gift amounts.

Schoolmates and others looking at our donors' list will see your name and know you cared!  And,. . . year after year, you will give us happiness via your name. 

What's very important to me is that you cared!  Come on!  I already know we'll receive some large donations; so add your sunshine!

Why don't you do it today?  It's easy!  It's fun! and it's important!  Mail your gift today, please!





April 6, 2019