Time Capsule Buried

1976 Olnean

Time Capsule Buried

On Tuesday, October 19, 1976, at 2 p.m. -  the first Time Capsule in ERHS history was planted in the ground-- there to remain for 75 years.

"It started out last year as a project for our Current Affairs class," said Mrs. Shumaker. The capsule 18 inches long and 8 inches wide, was lined with green and was decorated in red, white, and blue.

The date of Oct. 19 was chosen for the ceremony because that was the date that British General Cornwallis' troops surrendered to George Washington's troops at Yorktown, Va., in 1781. This historic event will highlight ERHS's activities marking the close of our Bicentennial celebration. Various clubs contributed the money for this project.


The above From Nancy  Rumsey:  I had a student from class of 1967 ask me the following question about the Time Capsule that was buried in 1976 and I didn't even know anything about it. He thought since I was married to George I would know but I didn't, but now I do. I accidently ran across this little "blurb" in the 76 Olnean the other day looking up some other info. I thought it was interesting and I think the membership would possibly be interested, especially from the 70's on.