Richard Retiring Sept 2021


Happy Days!

When I started a website, your TAC, on my birthday back in 2010, I thought I could service until I was seventy-five.  I was wrong; I'll be seventy-nine next September. 

If you have learned anything about me these years, you should know that my activities for TAC and TPAA reflect much planning and some work.  I am a planner! 

In that vane, I am now reporting that I'll end this stage of my retirement life, come September, 2021  -- assuming I have the coming years (Every year after 70 is a gift).  I hope to have made all required steps to pass on all my TAC and TPAA duties by then.   

I am a very happy man.  I'll be happy to entrust others to this wonderful work.  

If you are interested in being the head of TAC, please let me know.  I'll be pleased to discuss your potential leadership of TAC.  Thank you.