Stan Gill


Stanley Gill

TAC Photographer, 2013

Stan Gill, Class of 1964, joined TAC in May, 2013, and for five months served as its photographer with his genius with images put into service to post the profile pictures on the website's collection, at that time, of 50-some classes.  This was a major achievement; it continues to be an important step in attempting to make the website attractive.  

The state of an alumni site with alumni pictures is important in that potential members can see that this alumni center is truly one operated by alumni for alumni and free to its alumni  -- unlike commerical ones put on the web by businesses like "Classmates."  

Stan's service was valuable.   He not only found, identified, edited, and launched onto the website's pages thousands of senior, graduation pictures and for, as I write above, over fiftysome classes, he created art objects.  

I'd like to stress his editing of each graduate's picture.   First, keep in mind his source is a small yearbook picture.  Stan copied that picture and then used his skills to enhance it making each one a little work of art.  You maybe can imagine how pleased that would make the person looking at it, seeing for the first time his or her yearbook picture as a miniature art object.   I don't think I'm over-stating Stan's skills and the results.  As a promotional tool the value of such pictures, and indirectly Stan's service, is unquestionally tremendous.  

After Stan left his positon with TAC, he has remained a valued friend.  He always accepts all requests to provide a needed image or certificate.  Below is an example.  It is a copy of the certificate that TAC, and now with its sister, Tiger Pride Alumni Association, gives to each graduate awared its scholarship.


Thanks to Stan Gill, Classmate of 1964, each youth awared one of our scholarships gets a peronalizd keepsake souvenir that is a work of art.   Thank you, Stan!