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2017 Administrators

Tiger Alumni Center

Garry Bowman (1964), Web Master

Ann Weesner King (1960),  "OM"

Nancy O'Connell (1975), Veterans Director

Nancy Rumsey (1966), TPAA Director and TAC Research Admin.

Ron Scherer (1962), Guest Historian

Clarence "Smitty" Smith, TPAA Director and TAC Admin.



Tiger Pride Alumni Association

Lisa Hough Hemrich (1990), President

Brenda Stallard (WRHS 1988), Vice President and TPAA Webmaster

Janet McKinney Everette (1977), Treasurer

Amanda Houchin (1987), TPAA Director

Glenda Hinkle, (1982), TPAA Director

Amy Rusk (2004), Secretary

Nancy Rumsey (1966), TPAA Director and TAC Research Admin. 

Clarence "Smitty" Smith (1960), TPAA Director and TAC Admin.



2010 - 2016 Administrators

(Past Volunteers - Before 2017)

Tiger Alumni Center

John Fritchey (1961)

Stan Gill (1964)

Peggy Wilburn Long (1955)

Judy Dale Hill Walker (1964)

2010 - 2016 Administrators

(Past Volunteers - Before 2017)

Tiger Pride Alumni Association

Kellie Bussard Cook (1964)

Mary Ann Noerenberg Cummings (1970)

Eric Toliver (1993), Secretary






Volunteers Welcome!

(In Progress)


Webmaster Opening

Garry Bowman and I wish to announce that the Tiger Alumni Center (TAC) soon will need a new webmaster.

Garry wishes to retire after three-year’s service and also wishes to train the new webmaster.   His offer to help is a limited-time offer.  Here’s the easy part:  all web master actions are affected by English language, easy-to-use menus.  Furthermore, it’s a part-time job that requires a few hours only each week.

So we are pleased to wish anyone who admires our website and loves our school and our alumni to write to Garry and offer to serve.   A key requirement is that of a joyous attitude.

Send Garry an email explaining your interest:.




April 8, 2017