Nancy Rumsey


Nancy Huchel Rumsey

Researcher, TAC

Director, TPAA


Nancy Huchel Rumsey, a 1966 graduate of ERHS, born, raised and educated in Richland County.  She attended OCC one year prior to her employment with the U.S. Postal Service, retiring in 2003 after 35 years of service as Postmaster in Parkersburg.

TPAA and TAC Director Nancy Huchel Rumsey served the Parkersburg Village Board as Village Clerk for two terms and then elected Mayor for one term.  She is a member of Olney Southern Baptist Church where she serves as Church Clerk and Financial Secretary.  She is a member of Richland Memorial Hospital Auxiliary and holds the office of Assistant Director in this volunteer organization. 

Since 2012, she has been in charge of the “In Memory/Research” for the Tiger Alumni Center (TAC) posting more than 3,000 obituraries by April, 2017. She enjoys the opportunities this service has provided to others.  

She also helps all TAC members, and at times members of the public, find lost people.  Annually class reunion committees ask her to help them find missing classmates.  But she also helps non-TAC members -- strangers who have learned of her abilities -- in their searches for lost loved ones.   She uses her considerable skills and personally financed, search tools to connect those looking for those missing.   Often the lost is found.


She also served as one of the ‘enabling committee members “who did the initiating work to create TPAA.

From her first days in 2012, Nancy has demonstratored her desire to serve the objectives of TAC in any way she could.   She was Richard's "Legs-On-the-Ground" in Olney before TAC had a staff and before the creation of the Tiger Pride Alumni Association.   When TAC created its annual "Lifetime Achievement Awards" program, she served however she was needed.  

Nancy with Mrs. Mary Lou Marsh Brown, Honoree of TAC's first "Lifetime Achievement Awards" Program

Nancy writes:

I am married to D. George Rumsey for 21 years and reside in Olney.  I am the mother of three, all ERHS graduates; grandmother of eleven, four of which are ERHS grads; four currently attending Olney schools and great-grandmother of three. George has two sons, both ERHS grads and six grandchildren.


I am a member of Olney Southern Baptist Church where I serve as Church Clerk and Financial Secretary.  I am a member of Richland Memorial Hospital Auxiliary and hold the office of Assistant Director in this volunteer organization.  For the past three years I have been in charge of the “In Memory/Research”  for the Tiger Alumni Center (TAC) and enjoy the opportunities this  service  has provided to others.

I also enjoy spending time with my husband, my family, friends, reading, and doing needlework.


Richard's note:  Nancy is the "Jewel of TAC."  Her love of all people and of course those in her community, makes her a joy to know.  TAC would be a sad shaldow of its current service without her love.

Nancy is a living example of TAC's goal to connect people with their loved ones and their past.   She, like Ann Weesner King, Janet Everette, Clarence "Smitty" Smith and others of our volunteers, is a wonderful example of community service  -- of joy in service.  Thank you very much, Nancy!